Thursday 12 January 2012

Quick fix, Linebeck!


Being addicted to plastic Crack,  I occasionally need a quick fix from the local gashapon machine.  Every now and then I really find a cracker.  this day I managed to come across a nice Legend Zelda Phantom Hourglass thing.  As an extra bonus, I managed to get the rather cool character Linebeck.  Woot!


Linebeck is the slightly Jack Sparrow-esque dodgy character that joins up with Link to help him find Zelda.  He is a greedy coward after money and keeps busy by avoiding some girl that likes to chase after him at random times.  he is also the navigator and has the map.  In Spirit tracks, he takes a back eat and is a bit of a trader.


This figure comes with a map, a stand and a really cool rupee.  Ironically enough, the rupee is the lowest value! Ha ha ha!




The paint is really nicely applied which is pretty cool considering the price and size of this guy.



The eyes really carry the character of Linebeck incredibly well.  The smirk is sweet with little bit of teeth moulding.  Cute little beard as well.




The map even had details on it, nice little latitude and longitude lines on the map as well.  A few nicks missing out of the the edges of the map.


Simple coat details and moulding of his hair on the top of his head make me like this figurine even more.




The rupee is opaque green and can sort of stand in the stand, with some force, but pops out easily.  It’s nice to have an accessory such as this to use.  I can see some fun coming from this later!




You can take away his map and have a nice little look at his shirt and coat.







This is the piece of paper that came with.  Might be interested in a couple of the figures, but not all of them.


Finally having a little play with some photos, Linebeck and the computer.





For a static figurine, I like this.  It really pulls the character of Linebeck and melds him into plastic form.  Onto the shelf with you my little chum!

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