Sunday 29 January 2012

Quick Steps?

Some Stepper quick shots!


Just picked this dude up the other day and took him to work to have a look.  The problem is, it’s such a nice toy I found myself playing with it.  Unprepared for proper photographing I just took some quick snaps as my camera was running out of juice and apparently that means it has issues auto focussing, so please excuse the poor quality of a couple of shots.



Just a quick bit of info on Stepper.  He is a black pointed version of the Japanese character Meister, who is Jazz to us English folks, and appeared on one page of the Japanese G1 Manga, along with Artfire, both were Targetmasters.  Their rarity made them popular and the Targetmaster feature helped too.


As a limited run for a Generations book released last year, if you were in Japan, you could order these.  Much like the Ghost Starscream. 


Stepper is a cool toy.  I am slightly disappointed by him not having a brace for Nebulon (the Targetmaster gun) like the G1 figure had, as this means he can’t be mounted on Stepper’s shoulder or vehicel mode.  I tried, but it is doesn’t sit well.  Any movement will knock it off.  I see that the instructions give him a Sonic Cannon, which combines the speakers with his normal gun.  That name wasn’t noted on the Reveal The Shield Jazz.


Enjoy my quick pics, I will work on some more when I get the camera recharged.



Resting the TM gun on the window speaker array and on the spoiler and roof.



Again, resting the TM gun on the speaker array for robot mode.




On the windshield and Stepper’s shoulder.  None are very secure.




Dual wielding is always cool!



His Sonic Cannon, as shown in the instructions.



Good balance and great articulation.  When I first got Jazz, he sat around on my coffee table for a long time.  Always within reach for idle playing with while watching TV etc etc.  Great mould this one!

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