Tuesday 17 January 2012

Sonic Generations Soundtrack!!


Got my Sonic Generations Soundtrack in the post today.  THIS is the CD I have been wanting, while mindlessly wasting my time and money on other options that I thought had the music from the games.  Like This and This.  Be aware that those CDS are just the First Stage music from various games.  So half the music is already on other CDs and it is not the music in any of the Generations games.


Anyway, now that I have it, I thought I would blab about it.


Here we goooooo!



Ok, so I opened the package it came in and was surprised, I thought they had sent me a 3DS game instead of the soundtrack.  It is 3 CDs and a thick box!



It is in a nice little baggy and has an outer slip cover piece of paper over the box.  that has the track listing on the back.



There is then a cardboard sleeve, with the Golden writing and embossed explosion prints that the box of the CE set has

Nothing exciting on the back.




There is a little booklet that has the track listing with credits, some lyrics to songs and notes from the Sound Team on each of the tracks on the Generations game and from Sonic Team just generally, I think.




I haven’t had time yet to peruse them fully.  looks like the Sonic Team is just a bit of general Sonic chat.  Hmm, depending on the person though, they go into a bit of info on some of the remixes and stuff.




The CDS come in a little CD book thing with three pages.  The CDs are mounted in a plastic page for their safety.




CD one, with the main level music from Ps3/Xbox/PC (i.e. the big boys) version of Sonic Generations.




CD2 has the music from the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.  Some of the music is pretty cool on this and it reminds me that I haven’t got this version yet…




CD 3 has the other random music, such as the jingles when you finish a level, invincibility and others.  It has a few cool remixes as well, but they mainly are the remixes of the Rival music and boss music.



As a little extra bonus, there is a little sticker sheet.  Outer sleeve paper lets you know about this down the bottom (in Japanese though).




Hey! They are the pictures for the gambling machines in the Casino Night zone! Cool.  Dunno where I’d use them though…


I like them, they are very cute!


On the back of the sticker sheet is an interesting page.  Since the batteries in my camera were getting low, I just saw it with “Password” and so I covered the password and took the shot, but it turns out its a code for a Dark Chao Figurine for use on the game’s secret “Figure Room.”  It also invites you to look at the website.  I wonder if the code does anything there.  So until that time that I know it’s not a single use code, it shall remain hidden.




And so that is what you get with the Sonic Generations CD Soundtrack.  It is full of lots of cool tunes and mixes from the game. Even though it comprises 3 CDs, it appears to be missing some of the awesome mixes and tunes that can be used as alternate music in the levels.  I guess that is understandable as there appears to be a massive heap of unlockable music in the game.  It is a shame though as a lot of the mixes are really good and I would love to have them on CD.  Hmm, mayhap another CD release?  I notice there is a LOT of Sonic Music coming out lately.


Erm, so to summarise this all up I guess, it’s what one would expect from a Soundtrack.  That is, the music.  At 4200 yen, it’s not a bad price, just a shame that some of the other mixes that feature in the game as bonus tracks aren’t there.  Get it if you like the Generations music enough to listen to it out of the gaming world.

Incidentally, I got mine from Amazon Japan.


For a full track list, check out the back of the box photo.  Too Many for me to bother writing down, but the photo is good enough to be able to read the text.

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