Wednesday 22 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 22 + Free ROTF rant.

Oh ho ho ho! Again.  Not long now until the big man comes and delivers presents upon all and sundry, except for those who can't afford it I guess.  Whingeing aside, I am back on the daily track of opening up the calender, daily...  That sounded better in my head. 

Finally a nice bit of rain to cool the place off a little and allow the garden a drinky, funny thing is though, I washed my car a couple of days ago and I said to the better half  'Betcha it will rain soon!'  I should work for the weather bureau.

Today's Chimbo shocky choccy comes from Optimus' tight (right) thigh.

You know I watched Revenge of the Fallen again last night (on blu-ray, it was very crisp) and I have come to the conclusion that it is a crap movie.  After seeing it in theatres, I couldn't bring myself to watch it and it was only through boring Xmas TV programming and my need to educated the better half on the way of Transformers, that I managed to sit through this.  And my thoughts still stands.

  1. The movie climaxes too soon.  The fight between Optimus, Megatron, Starscream and Grindor in the forest is way too good.  Op dies, Megs gets a kicking, Stars gets his arm ripped off, Grindor gets his face torn in half. 
  2. The final fight between Optimus and the Fallen is disappointing.  Not a patch on the forest one.  The barely gets is hands on Op and Op pretty much slaps the Fallen silly, until he slaughters him.
  3. Too much rotation of camera around characters.  Around Ironhide when he transforms, around Mikeala and Sam when they smooch, around Optimus when he transforms, around Jetfire when he is making up a plot (on the spot apparently). OK we get the idea!  I dread to see that in 3-D...
  4. The plot.  Let's face it. It's rubbish. 
  5. Direction.  It's rubbish.  Sure, fight scenes are cool, but the plot couldn't advance without a lecture from someone.  Wheelie gave us one, to find the 'Seekers,'  Jetfire gave us another one t find the matrix.  Micheal Bay, subtlety is not his thing...  Even when there should be some.  Maybe they should have had Bay come in and do the action scenes.
  6. The humping.  Oh go, why the humping 'jokes'?  What, are all viewers 8 year old kids?
  7. Too  long.  Although the parents were funny, the college scene with the Mother should have been cut completely.  It added nothing, was ridiculous and nobody would have known if it wasn't there in the first place.  Oh and less scenes of US army jets getting ready.  If the show up for a fight, we will know that needed to get ready thanks.
  8. Mudflap and Skids.  Funny?  No!  Jar-Jar-Binks levels of annoying? Very much so.  Hopefully they come to a gruesome end in TF3, at the start of the film.
  9. Disappearing Tfs.  Where did MF and Skids go after swinging around Devvy?  They just give up the ghost?  Eaten (that's would be too good to be true)?  Why wasn't the Devvy vs irritating bots fight concluded (Bay Direction that's why)?
  10. That's all I can think of right now.  Now to continue with the calender.

Today's choccy is a lovely little present, which I believe has shown up in a previous day.
I wonder what the last couple of days hold?  Hopefully something special.  Like Jesus...

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