Tuesday 21 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Merchandise of Cheap!

Whilst doing some cruising of random shops today, amidst the Christmas shoppers, I got to having a look at the merchandise for Harry Potter's latest movie, known as HP and The Deathly Hallows.  Now according to a Toyfare magazine of a few years ago, I was under the belief that HP toys were no longer going to be made anymore.  I laughed, there is far too much money to be made.

Of course every good guy needs a bad guy, and we all know that Harry's is the somewhat ridiculously name Lord Vodemort.  Now after having a look at the somewhat crapola looking action figures, of which I could only find Harry and Voldemort, both of which looked a bit silly.  Harry has a square torso, all the way to his jeans and Voldemort, well the less said the better.  Truly they are bad looking action figures.

On the shelf below though was an interesting looking electronic doo-dad.  Thinking it was a money box and feeling a little curious (and a tad bored) I gave it a press.  It was interesting, and to my surprise managed to move quite a bit.  It turns out that it is a 'Duelling Battle Trainer' in which it will react to the wand pointing it Mr V to test your skill.  The demo mode allows one to view the awesome animatronic movement of the toy.  The results of which can bee seen below.

Did you notice the movement?  I laugh that he manages to get some many words out with only opening his mouth once!  Now I see why Voldemort is so scary to non-muggles in magical HP land.  Oh and his eyebrows move. 


I didn't manage to see the price, although I suspect it would be quite horrendous.  Amazon.com have one for $82.99 US.  So naturally knowing how much more we pay for stuff in Australia, it wouldn't surprise me if it cranked the $100 mark.  Wow, actually at Big W it's only $50!  Wow! Still not worth it really, but better than Amazon US! I am surprised.

Juts thought   I would share that amazing piece of merch, it never ceases to amaze me how crap some toys can be from movies.  The general release of the Pirates of The Caribbean toys were poor.  Toy Story 3 ones were ridiculous and Wall-E were overpriced.  Yet people still buy them.  *Sigh*

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