Wednesday 15 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 15

Woke up early, played some Blazblue Continuum Shift and had the house vibrated almost into little pieces by the construction next door. Lovely.

To top it off, it's calender time...  Yay                     ?

Today's chocolate is brought to you by the letter  oh hey, it's not a letter, it's Brought to you by Bumblebee's blaster forearm.  Well isn't that nice?
I guess they thought that the only way people will eat these horrid choccies is to threaten vaporisation.  I thought the Autobots were supposed to be friendly.  Not in the face of the marketing juggernaut!

The chocolate happens to be in the shape of .. candles?  Not exactly sure to be honest, I think  that's what they be.  Or turds.  So I am going to go with candles.

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