Saturday 11 December 2010

Christmas Lights Watch 2010, a better one!!

The other night we went for another Christams lights search again.  this time though, we hit a  bit of a winnnnnah!  I have the strangest feeling that it may have won a competetion in the past couple of years.  If they haven't then they should be in the running. 

It was quite tasteful, not the tyoe where they just had heaps of lights and chucked them on randomly to impress with scale.  Everything is set out nicely, there is room to walk around and have a jolly good look-see.  They even had the back yard open and decorated, where I had a bit of a chat with the owners of the house and they are welcoming and good people that enjoy what tthey do.  Best of all, they get enjoyment from others visiting and looking at the lights.  Some of the kids there were pretty impressed!

The back look really cool, they have a swimming pool and it reflects the lights and has a nice effect.  Mucho coolo!

Fairly quiet night tonight, not many cars in the street, although a constant procession would be annoying.  Again, glad I don't live near one, although at least this place didn't have loud things singing lame Christmas carols.

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