Friday 24 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 23.

Dangit! I have fallen behind again.  Actually I didn't really, I just wanted my 100th post to be a bit more sexy than one if these ones.
Anyway Today's chocolate comes from Optimus' right armpit!  ALLRIGHT!

And the chocolate shape today is a candle.  Isn't that nice?  Actually the hot, humid weather that we have bee receiving lately has had a somewhat detrimental effect upon the choccies.  In fact this one broke in half on the way out..  Had to slap it back together for the pretty pretty picture.

You know, it just took me 4 attempts at uploading those pictures, as blogger decided it would be nice to load them up sideways.  Thanks heaps blogger, you suck, especially in regards to loading up pictures.

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