Monday 27 December 2010

To the Bath-tub! And Beyond!


While running around the shops, I found myself in the ‘Health and Beauty’ section.  much to my surprise, I also managed to find an impressive something…

At first sight, I thought it was a rather cool looking Buzz Lightyear figure.  I thought it somewhat strange that this guy was kicking around the bubble bath section.
Turns out that this was actually a bottle of bubble bath.  Now it makes sense, the heroic pose. “Hmm, this has good balance to it,’ I thought to myself.  Well it would have to as it probably spends it’s time perched somewhat daringly on the corners of one’s bath!

Well, there ya go.  Take off his head and the secrets are revealed.  Pretty cool idea though, as the space helmet could be closed as well.  Buzz Lightyear to the bathtub?

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