Monday 6 December 2010

Sega and Sonic All-Stars racing 4 car set review.

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is a nice game in the vein of Mario Kart.  Very fast and although there are a few too many Sonic-verse characters, it is still quite a worthy entry to a racing game fans collection.  As a bonus, some action figures have been dished out as well.  Made by Jazwares, like the other Sonic toys, they are equivalent to matchbox type cars.

These fellas are Toys R Us exclusives it seems, which sucks as I have to go to Ebay to get them.  That made them pricier than they should've been, but hey.  That's was you gotta do at times.  Not available in Australia the cost of postage added to the initial outlay.

It's a good selection of characters with Sonic (naturally), Tails in his plane, Eggman and Beat.  Being so small I didn't expect that much from them, they are a good surprise as the detail on the is pretty good for such small toys.

I have larger version of this Sonic car with a 3 inch action figure as well.  I like the design of the car, it is sooooo Sonic-centric it impressive.  The car has a nice Sonic team logo on the hood, spikes on the back, which cleverly have the lights in them, and a small moulded engine int he back.  In fact, it almost has the same level of detail as the larger car.  Even the little Sonic who is sitting in it i painted well, he has his gloves, pink arms, ears, face and tummy, a red steering wheel, a bit of black on his nose and I can't believe this, but he actually has pupils and green iris's.  Impressive.  It rolls really well too, what more else could anyone need in a toy car?

Tails comes in a little version of his Tornado that he made for the game.  It is supposed to allow for low flying and tight cornering (according to the blurb in game).  I am glad he is here, as I didn't think a large version of this would come out and I really wanted a version of Tails in his plane.  Tails himself has some good detail, his gloves, face, eyes and steering wheel are well painted, the twin tails logo that is on both wings is really well stamped and looks cool.  the plane is well moulded with ailerons and flaps and stuff.  A nice exhaust pipe set on the back, engines on the side and propeller on the front.  It is very cute.  they have made it very stable, considering how it only has 3 wheels. The smaller wheels don't allow it to roll so well, but it does pretty well.

This guy is from Jet Set Radio (on the Dreamcast) and has a strong D.J theme throughout his car.  It works well.  On the back of the car are a bunch of speakers, a couple of scratch decks on the back dash,  and I think it is his gangs insignia on the bonnet.  The front lights have some decals painted on them and along the front bumper.  i was happy to see that they even went to the effort of painting the vent in the bonnet.  On the top of the windshield are the words "Jet Set Radio Future".  I didn't notice these until I was photographing them and saw them in the photo.  Nice!

Sonic's nemesis has an interesting vehicle.  Usually his little flying ufo thing is, well, flying.  Here he has attached it to some wheels and we have a nice monster truck style of vehicle for him.  Its very cool and appropriately Eggmanly.  On the back, there is a nice Eggman symbol, very crisp, yellow and black danger stripes around the side and his little light and a small gun looking thing pointing out from the front.  The wheels are big and roll well. the bottom is painted red, as it should be.  On the back are a couple of massive exhaust pipes with black painted decals on them.  He has the usual blue windscreen, and inside are a couple of round things that could be dials for him.  he is holding a couple of joysticks (just like in the game) and the paint of Eggman is really great.  Gloves, jacket details (zipper, buttons and stripes) and finally facial details (moustache, nose, eyes, bald head and goggles) are all really clear.  It rolls well too. 

The toys themselves are pretty good.  Another winning moment for me was the box presentation.  It is really cool.  The inside of the box is set up as if it is a small part of the track from the game.  There is a small ramp in it which Sonic and Beat are on and Tails and Eggman are in the foreground.  I was almost unable to open the box because it looked so good.

Was this worth it?  I think yes, I would have preferred it to be cheaper, but considering the lack of local availability and the coolness of the box and detail on the toys, they weren't a complete rip-off.

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