Friday 24 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 24. Christmas Eve!

WOOOOOO HOOOOO! Not only is it Christmas Eve, I can now stop feeling bad about throwing these horrible chocolates out into the bin (or occasionally eating them) as the final day hath cometh and the calender is now complete!

Today's space is, well nowhere actually, it kind of floats in between Optimus' and Bumblebee.  A tad disappointing mayhap?
Well, I guess under Optimus' palm?  Anyhoo That's it all done.  Do I feel a sense of satisfaction?  Erm, sure yeah, whatever.  Not really.  It's done and soon Christmas will be over.  The food shall be eaten, my beer in the fridge drunk and off to work boxing day...  Boxing day doesn't fuss me either, even the supposed 'awesome boxing day sales' are looking poor.

Oh, yeh the choccy!  Today is (drum roll please) AN ANGEL!  Not Jesus as I previously predicted... Oh well can't win them all.  Heat effected again, this one too did break like Humpty Dumpty on the way out.  Almost the same line as yesterday's now that I look at them.  Odd.

Satisfaction guaranteed.  Join me again, same bot place, same bot time as we'll go through the amazing Advent Calender Challenge again.  Next year I might add more to it.  Although it was challenging enough just to think about eating the 'chocolates.'

Thanks for lokoking for those that did!

Oh and Merry Christmas everybodyyyyyyyy!

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