Thursday 16 December 2010

Megatron of the War For Cybertron variety.

Good old War for Cybertron, it's a G1 fanboy's dream (almost) come true.  I was pleased that they have made some toys of the game characters, and hopefully with the announcement of a sequel, more will be on the way. here however, I have a bit of blurb on a mighty looking megs, who just so happens to be carried in the Generations line of figures, which I always forget to mention, as I just see him as WFC. 

At the start of the Generations line, Hasbro stated that they were keeping it set to a deluxe size class.  Well with the best laid plans of mice and men, I believe that has been abandoned (Grapple), but at the start all figures were deluxe.  So we have a nice Megatron that is deluxe.

I quite like this toy, it carries the game persona very well and looks just like him, without the cool glowy purple hilights though, and it is a fitting image for a Pre-G1 gun Megatron.  He has the bucket head and enough grey to make it believable. 

Since the original Megatron was a gun, and that makes life difficult due to regulations and things, this Megs has been relegated to yet another kind of bland 'what the hell am I?' space tank mode.  Luckily though it doesn't quite hit the same level of 'where is the front?!?!??' that deluxe Animated Megatron suffered, but its still pretty weird to look at. 

There are lots of sharp angles and he is generally all round pointy.  The biggest catch point would definitely be his cannon.  As it should be for Megatron, it is damn HUGE and dominates the tank and is nicely detailed.  There are some good paint applications on it, and it has a translucent missile which can be launched from it too.  The moulding is good, and it has a gimmick in that when the missile is loaded, there is a painted purple section in the barrel, but when the cannon is empty, that same section can be looked through as it has different plastic.  The only draw back to the barrel is that the switch is right over the part that clips onto Megs's arm and tank, so whenever I attach it to him, peeeeeow! The missile goes off.  And it flies far too.  The cannon can be mounted onto either of Megatron's arm as well.

On my one that I have taken the pics of, I decided to whip out a gundam marking pen to add some detail to his lines, because otherwise it is a deary plain and drab grey all over the main body, with black on the legs and limited paint elsewhere.

Big feet allow mighty poses! 

Articulation is OK.  Arms, head, legs at hips and knees is about it though.  Considering how cool WFC Optimus is, it seems a shame that Megaton here doesn't have any more articulation.  They could have added more, his waist is thick enough for them to add a swivel joint to it and it would help the figure so much... But Megatron always plays second fiddle to Optimus. 

Case in point,
  • Armada, Optimus has Self transforming trailer, Megatron is made to squat to transform.(They were the same price too!
  • Energon, Oprimus ha a little drone army, Megaton squats again, but at least he had wings.
  • Cybertron, well they were about equal.
Ok, so in 2 series, Megatron played a definite second fiddle... 

At least he has massive feet, which aid for balance and the robot mode can be made to do some awesome Megatronny poses! 

The tank mode is a good representation of the game one.  It even comes with and alternate 'hover' mode, where you fold the treads underneath, I see this as normal mode, as the tank's natural setting was hover, the treads only came out when boosting in vehicle mode.  This option is a nice addition, as all the vehicles had a hover mode, but none of the toys do.  One thing that mine seems to suffer from is the feet has a peg which should plug into the back of the shoulders, but for some reason, mine doesn't fit all that snugly.  It doesn't break the toy, but is a tiny tiny bit annoying.
Confounded not-quite fitting tabs!

Overall this is a solid toy, although a bit short on articulation, it is a fantastic representation of the WFC game Megs, and Megs in general.  It' simple transformation is a definite plus, as it won't interrupt play (unlike Optimus) and the robot mode oozes power and strength.  The tank mode, although suffering from 'random space tank' syndrome is fitting.  I strongly suggest a bit of detailing on the body to break up the bland grey all over the place, but even without, it is a good toy.

I like the Decepticon looking motif.  I started marking some lines, but thought it might be too much to do them all.

Cannon mounted backwards...

From the rear.

Hover Mode

If you look closely, you can see robo hands

These black lines I added myself

Tank mode, no cannon.

"..And so that is why so many died for my shortbread biscuits..."

"There were plenty left, but now... Where could they...?"

"Curse you Soundwave, you are worse than Starcream, at least he doesn't take my biscuits!!"

"You will have to do better than THAT, Autobot!!"

Space tanks comparison.

He can have freaky arms.

"..and its at this point when Johnny ran to mummy! MWa ha ha ha!"

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