Thursday 9 December 2010

Reasons why I love my job.

Many many years ago, I made a vow to play Sonic the hedgehog on a screen so large he was the same height as me.  well thanks to my position at work, I can say that I have accomplished that.

And it was awesome.  Thanks to the position I have in my job, I am allowed to occasionally have a bit of fun with the projectors.  These wii screen shots were done as a test for a work Wii party.  We had a bit of Wii sports action going and a small Mario-kart competition on the night.  'Twas pretty good fun night.

  I have managed to plug in the Wii at first and have a go of a couple of games, Mario Kart was quite cool and the 4 player mode was easily do-able.  Naturally I got the old Sonic 2 going and had a go.

Later on, I managed to get the PS3 up and running.  Whooooo baby, 1080p on a massive screen.  I got Gran Turismo running for a mate and it was magnificent.  Later I got my own up and running and decided to give the awesome Red Dead Redemption a go.  Sadly the screen size dropped a little on RDR, due to a lack of upscaling on the machine, still it was pretty damn fine.  Sounded great as well. RDR is a great game!

 Now for the PS3 Screens
XMB Screen.

Sonic Racing title.  As you can see the screen size is smaller than the XMB, as it isn't running at 1080 anymore I guess.

Sonic Racing gameplay, with Ulala.  Hard to do when having the shutter open for light, but things are moving on picture.  Still with a 10 second delay, I still won.

Also did some War for Cybertron as well with some of my Transformers mates when it first cam out.  WFC was a little bit too dark though.  Still looked a treat and I woudl do it again!

One of my friends playing it for the first time.  Most amusing!

 The Awesome Red Dead Redemption.
Little bit foggy in Mexico tonight.

That's more like it!
ME and a friend are sitting in the bottom left corner of shot.  Yes, I walk in front of the camera at the start as well, just in case you don't believe me!

I will, without a doubt do this again.  It is sooooo cool.  Hmmm, a 4 player death match would be pretty awesome.  Might look into the possibility of hooking a couple of PS3s together in separate cinemas!!

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