Saturday 25 December 2010

Have yourselves a very sweaty Christmas!

Christmas day, featuring the eating of lots of food and as usual it is hot.  39.9 degrees (or I believe the old 100 in the silly Fahrenheit scale) makes for a hot and fairly uncomfortable day...  Meanwhile the rest of the country has rain.

In fact it's so hot, my Transformers are sweating...  Luckily not melting.

WC: Pheeeew Wee! It's so damn hot today my engine's overheating...
GB:  You got that right Charger, I just wanna sit down with a nice cold brew.
Megs: You Autobots are wimps!  Enjoy the heat while you can,  for soon I will destroy the sun and harvest its energon from the explosion! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!
GB  : You know Megatron, it's so hot today, I will give you a hand!
WC: Ditto, lead on!

Handy having these reveal the shield figures just hanging around the house right now.  The shield is activated by heat and they go from a black, orange, red, blue sort of thing as they get hotter.  Blue is usually the best you can get and these guys have been staying at blue by themselves since I got home from lunch. 

So, when it's hot enough to have the shield showing the allegiance of the Transformer, you know that your toys are sweating....

Sweating bots.

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