Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mmmm! hobby Nom NOMs!

I was trying to avoid putting up my gets post coz it could be boring.  But here is something that I am too excited about.  Transformers awesomeness and Masters of the Universe greatness!

Firstly the good one!



After my Transmetal Megatron broke while I was preparing him for photos, I found out he is prone to the dreaded GPS (Gold Plastic Syndrome), which means crumbly weak plastic.  What I didn’t realise is that it’s not only metallic colours that are prone to GPS, so I was thinking the metallic plates that form the Dinosaur were fragile.


No, it turns out the GPS plastic is the BROWN plastic that only happens to consist of, oh I don’t know, about 80% OF HIS ROBOT BODY!!!!!  So the Japanese one doesn’t suffer this, to get one cheap, I had to go onto Yahoo auctions Japan for a nice cheap one.  Which, as anyone new to eBay will know, auction sites are deadly, but I’ll get into that later.


I ended up finding a lovely “Kettou Beast Wars”  for the GBA and more importantly, a MISB Headmasters for the Nintendo Famidisk system.  From 1987.  Yes, MISB!  I thought the auction was telling me furfies, but blow me down, it i, with original seal and all. 


More on them in greater detail later.


Next up, MOTUC joys.



Panthor for my Skeletor to ride against He-Man and Battlecat.  It’s HUGE!  and Fearless Photog!  Being a projectionist, I couldn’t resist this guy.  Love it!  The best part is, the story behind the character creation and he is silly enough to fit into the MOTU universe quite happily!


One Happy chappy I be!


  1. my transmetal primal got gps a few year back, i fixed it with superglue(to bad it leaves a white residue :( ) i gave him away, and i kinda regret it now. i have transmetal iguanus now, and he hasn't gotten gps and hope he doesn't.

  2. I didn't realise that Primal was prone to GPS as well. Man that sucks. I hate GPS!!!!


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