Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Infamous Headband!!!

Soundwave Headband

Ha ha ha!  I remember ranting on like a mad man about this cursed Headband back when I was running through the Botcon set for 2012.  It is part of the character of Shattered Glass Soundwave and my rant was concerned about how it didn’t come with Soundwave.  It was a separate piece.  A five dollar separate piece at that.  Oh and available only at Botcon, apparently one per person, yet they showed up on online stores for no less than $70 or so I think.  I hope that no-one bought any at that price.


Anyway, due to a pal picking one up for me from Botcon, I have it.  So was it worth the angst?



Of course not.


The Headband is a crappy piece of plastic.  It’s rubbery and looks pretty much like a chewed piece of bubble gum.


Let’s check out the packaging shall we?    It comes in a classy zip lock bag with a collector’s card and of course the Headband.


Did I mention the club were charging $5 for this?


Soundwave HeadbandSoundwave Headband

As you can see, the card has a new piece of artwork for Soundwave with his Headband and an Heroic Decepticon symbol on the back.


Ok so carefully unzipping the bag, I remove the headband.


Soundwave HeadbandSoundwave HeadbandSoundwave HeadbandSoundwave Headband

It retains the shape of Soundwave’s head well, you can see the forehead section at the front.  It has the ends of the Headband flowing in the wind.  Probably from a large fan considering the 80s glam rock theme they have with this figure.


So now, I chuck it on.


Soundwave HeadbandSoundwave Headband

Hmm, look at that.  Sexy.  ?  Five bucks of sexy!


One issue that I have with this toy is that his head doesn’t move that much due to the backing piece that hides the head in vehicle mode and with the Headband on it fills the small gap behind and you now have no movement for his head. 


Oh.  Whoops.  Pay an extra 5 bucks for LESS articulation.


Soundwave HeadbandSoundwave HeadbandSoundwave HeadbandSoundwave Headband

Ooh flowin’ in the wind and a comparison shot next to the card.  Looks realistic doesn’t it?


Of course it just looks MORE awesome in an action pose.


Soundwave HeadbandSoundwave Headband


Cool hey?


Transformation is simple.  You pop it off of his head and you have yourself a crap looking piece of rubber.  There is nowhere to store Headband when Soundwave is in vehicle mode, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing it around with other Transformers.  After all it cost at least $5.


I heard that the Club is having another run of the Headband, so if you are without out, despair not!  For you can have one too.  Just be aware that if you are outside of America, the postage will probably be ridiculously high.  Even though it shouldn’t be.


  1. Love this post! I had no idea about the head band really...

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah the Headband could easily slip by. Apparently comes in different colours too I hear.

    2. i'd get it in black or purple lol


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