Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The highs and lows of plastic crack

Nice haul of goodies today and I was excited.

Sadly though, my enjoyment was lessened by one little bit.  Which if you think about it is kind of shallow, especially considering the amount of other bits of plastic that were along side it.

First off the impressive haul!

So what do we have?  Well, from left to right;
SH Figuarts Jetman – Red Hawk, Gokai Green.
Super Robot Chogokin Daizyujin (i.e Power Rangers first Megazord), Gokai Red, Gokai Red & Green’s Darins.  Finally, Soul of Chogokin Battle Fever Robo.

All are mighty impressive figures and I was excited to see all of them.  However the cool Daizyujin let me down.

What I got with him.

A nice Shiny box.

Standard stuff all right.  But I was terribly, terribly saddened. 

The reason is two fold.  For one, I was never really all THAT much into the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.  I watched some of the show, but mainly because it was so cheesy bad more than anything else.  The big robot/monster fights were amusing, much like early Godzilla movies.

What really sold this toy to me were these:


See those blasty red bits by his feet?  I wanted some of that!  I believe they are bonus parts that are avaiilable with the first run of the figure.  So if for example you ordered before release date, or got the initial shipment, you bagged these babies.

Bandai seem to like doing this. The Gokai Darins are this type of bonus, as are some slash effects for Gokaioh (of the same line as this Dazyujin).  I missed out on these effects (as I did the slash for Gokaioh) and that made me sad.

I had imagined doing an amusing video review with these parts of him slashing and enemy, making the enemy fall down, behind the effects and ‘exploding.’   I was looking forward to that very much and now having discovered I didn’t make it in time to get them (which I don’t understand as the price had dropped, so surely it isn’t incredibly popular) I feel totally bummed.

So much so it has ruined the initial joy of the other figures.

I feel so very shallow.  To be bummed by the lack of a cheap bit of plastic, despite the coolness of the other figures….

First world nerd problems hey?

*Edit tiiiime*/update.

After some chat with a pal, it turns out there is a disclaimer on the image.   Now I should point out that the following image has TWO disclaimers.  Naturally, I only read one.

Now, at the base of that picture, kindly supplied via amiami, you'll see some Japanese blurb.  Quite a few pictures of this Daizyujin have the disclaimer and they generally relate to the stands being used, and the burb says "Action figure stand #5 is not included with the figure."  After buying my Gokaioh, I discovered the horrible lack of stands, and accepted that.  I have other stands that I can probably use.

However, I neglected to notice that the above picture has TWO sentences.  The other one says
"Ultra Act Ultraman Gaia explodey effect parts sold separately."  Damn them.

Having said that though, it turns out that had I bought an Ultra Man Gaia for these effect parts, I probably wouldn't have got them because...  Yep, you guessed it, First Release Bonus.

Although looking a little egg-on-face, my position still stands.

Review of Ultraman Gaia here (and he has the effect parts too.)

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