Friday 24 May 2013

Mumm-Ra, the almost ever living.

Mumm-Ra mummy

Just realised I had these photos sitting on my computer for ages and since I don’t have as much time as I used to for the photo taking, I thought I would go through the (rather) substantial back-log of pictures sitting on the old computer drive.


So here we have the delightful Mumm-Ra.  In  his old man mode.  This is the mode that he lives in before he summons his evil gods to make him ever-living.  This is a small figure.  I think from the six inch or so line.  It comes with the magical Thunder-Lynx gimmick, which I haven’t been able to test out yet, but I do have a Thundertank on the way.  Lion-O from the same series is here.  Let’s have a look at his enemy!!



Actually, this Mumm-Ra is from the smaller size range than that Lion-O.  I thought they fitted together a bit better, as Mumm-Ra in his mummy body is supposed to be small and weak.


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


Nice packaging, and great artwork for him on the side.  I really like the art they used on the packages for the Thundercats  You can see that Mumm-Ra has a removable robe.  Thumbs up.  His Gauntlet and his little dagger of Plunn-Darr with European packaging.   When these toys were first released (which is when I got them) they were to be for U.S.A only.  And a little bit about other figures available.


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


Nifty little bio letting people know about Mumm-Ra, which is nice.  I think Lion-O was a bit lacking on info for him.  Some promotion of the Thunder Lynx gimmick, although it didn’t really explain how or what the Thunder Lynx thing does.  I really like that they have packaged him robe-less, it fills out the package a bit and adds to his playability I guess.


Let’s crack him out hey?


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


There is a big block in his back which houses the power lynx doohicky,  which adds to his hunch and feebleness.  Fairly limited articulation, but that’s understandable.  Anymore would have ruined the basic integrity of the figure as the skinny limbs don’t really allow for the inclusion of joints.


He does have a swivel at the shoulders and his hands are attached with little (limited) ball joints. He has some good sculpting on him.  The bandages do the trick nicely and his face looks pretty fine.  What I really like about this dude is that he looks fine against 2011 Lion-O and Classic lion-o.  Handy!  Which is why I got him. Also, sculpted ears that pop out through the bandages!  Was Mumm-Ra once a cat??


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


Oh he also has a waist joint as well.  I like his bangs.


His gauntlet can be mounted on his arm in either robed or de-robed modes.  Rather nice and a bit like Lion-O, the sword can be holstered within the gauntlet.  The gauntlet just clips on his arm, although it is a tad loose and mine has a tendency to roll around on the arm a little bit.

Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy

Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


Now it’s time to dress this little sucker.  That’s enough time in your pyjamas grandpa, better put on your dressing gown as it’s getting a bit chilly!



Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


His robe is obviously moulded to the shape of his body and made of a nice flexible material.  It does the trick of covering him quite nicely.


Quickly before he gets a chill.


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy

There we go.  He looks pretty cool in his coat and his feet are angled in a way that his coat stays off the ground, but the tail end of it is splayed as if it is meant to rest on the ground.  I like the look of him like this, the hood applies the correct amount of shadow to his face and it looks fantastic.


The gauntlet can be applied to his fore-arm as well like this, but it does conflict with the robe a little bit.  Plus the robe restricts arm movement quite a lot. Obviously.  The gauntlet can be easily knocked off as well with the robe on.  On the gauntlet, I quite like the way the sword can be mounted in it. Very nice.


The Gauntlet and sword have some nice sculpting on them.  The sword has a blob of red paint on it, but there isn’t any defining detailed paint.


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy

Sadly he holds it a bit limply, but since old man Mumm-Ra doesn’t go-a-stabbin’ I am fine with that.


Mumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummyMumm-Ra mummy


And so there you have it.  Mummy mode Mumm-ra is simple, but does the trick.  It’s a good size for the larger figures  and although it isn’t all the articulated, you really don’t need much on him as he is meant to be a feeble little dude and this figure certainly conveys that plus all he is only there to change into big-ass Mumm-Ra later anyway.  It’s cute, does the trick and looks cool.  All at the same time. 


If only I had his cool sarcophagi car thingo.  That looked sweet and it would be perfect for him (plus I think it has some Thunder Lynx thing)

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