Saturday, 30 November 2013

Touhou Sofubi, Sakuya & Reimu

Now these are some little figures I picked up somewhere on some trip sometime.  Why did I get them?  I can’t really remember.  I got Sakuya because she fits in nicely with my ‘Violent Maid’ collection.  As for Reimu, I have no idea….
As it turns out, they are from the same line as this Aya I picked up a while ago and still love now.

Both characters are from a  series called the Touhou Project.  An odd entity as it started as a vertical scrolling shootem up and spawned fanart and fan manga and very little in the way of official story telling.  However the characters have had many figures and statues made of them in various styles
Let’s start with Reimu.

Sculpting is adequate.  These are cheap figures and I think come from a capsule machine, or random box thingo.  usually done to be sold for less than 500yen.  Neither figure can stand without the stand plugged into them as their legs are generally pegged.  The style they go for is a kinda dopey, undetailed look but they still manage to convey the feeling of the character.

Reimu is coloured in red and white, being the apparently standard colours for a Shinto priestess.  She comes with her blessing stick and has some pretty good sculpting on the sleeves, hair and bow for such a small figure.  No mouth as far as I can tell though.

I must admit that I was impressed with her having the frills on the collar around her neck done. Thumbs up sculptor!

Sakuya is a maid who can slow/stop time and has knives.
She has her standard (for a maid anyway) apron and bow and comes wielding two knives.  I like her expression and hair.  Due to the pose of the body, not a whole lot of sculpted detail has been included.

They did do well to give her the frilly thing on the top of her head though as well as little cuffs for her wrists (despite her not having any sleeves…)

Really I didn’t expect much from these guys, they are made to be cheap and simple and as long as you get them cheap they are pretty cool.  They’ll look nice next to my figma versions when one day I have them on display.  Definitely NOT worth paying much for though.

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