Tuesday 10 December 2013

Queen’s Gate Puchitto series…

Since I appear to be going through some of these silly random ‘lucky draw’ figures, here is another set I found.  These characters are based off the off-shoot from Queen’s Blade, Queen’s Gate.  This ‘story’ allows for femme fatales from other universes to join together in the Queen’s Blade books/world.  I mainly got this set as they have versions of Alice in there.  And she tickles my fancy. 

The whole set Comprises of Lili from Tekken, Dizzy from Guilty Gear, Mae from King of Fighters, Iruha (from I don’t know) and Alice from some eroge and Alice in Boost form (who is the ‘secret’ character).  Please note that some of these following shots could be classed as NSFW. Although very mildly

The box is the same for each one and has character art as well as product shots.  The are chibi style character designs with very large heads. Not articulated, but you will have to mount the head on its ball joint, so I guess you can waggle it around if you so desire.

First we’ll check out Iruha.

Some ninja chick with splashes of maid in there, I guess judging by her getup and weaponry.

Paintwork and sculpting are surprisingly good for such small figures at approx 5 cm tall.  They need the stands to keep them up right.  I like Iruha as she has sandals painted on and a fair bit of detail elsewhere as well.  Such as a little red dot on the back of her hands. Wow. So cute.

Oh and impressive cleavage.  And arse too actually.


Overall not a bad little figure, despite me having practically no idea who it is…

Next up is Mae from King of Fighters.

Oh Mae, such a dream for the old teenage boy…  I never really got into KOF as much as Street Fighter, despite Mae’s um, Charms…  She is supposed to be a ninja as well, but I am not sure how effective she’d be with a costume like that…
I like the pose they selected for this one, as it’s one of her classic victory poses.  Her fans are weapons and the back of her costume is as well.
There is good flow to this sculpt (and boy howdy does she flow) and details are pretty good too, from the cleavage, to the fan, to the hair, eyes, buttocks and even …..

… Camel toe…
Well, what do you expect, it IS Queen’s Blade related…

Oh and the paint is nice as well.

Next on my list is Lili from Tekken.  A quite powerful character that is rather controlled.  From the little I know of Tekken, they did a good job of Lili here.

I like the way her hair has been sculpted indicating a swishing of the hair.  The pose is good for her fighting style and her dress is frilly enough.  Even her pants are frilly too.  Frilly Lili.


Next on the tour. Dizzy from Guilty Gear.  An interesting Demon/Angel character.  I really like the design concept behind Dizzy.

Due to her pose, she too is once again unable to stand without the stand.  Well, most of their heads are so big they wouldn’t be able to anyway.  Her Angel/Demon wings have been represented here although you can barely see them.  She has a tail that is around too and is nicely detailed and coloured.  I really like the gradient paint in her hair!

Nice clean innocent facial sculpt as well.

Now, moving on to the reason I got this lot.

Alice.  I picked up her Revoltech figure (NSFW) a while ago and thought it quite good.  As a robot she is an interesting character and is a bit of a dimension hopper in personality.  She is supposed to guard the “Queen’s Gate.”  There is her normal mode and she has a ‘boost mode’ as well.  This first one is her normal mode.

The painted detail on Alice is pretty damn good.  There are pretty much all the same details on her as on her Revoltech counterpart which is might impressive considering the size difference.

I don’t know why she has Batman’s bat symbol on her head though… I do love the attention to detail,  the buttons across her breast, the net thing on her thigh, monster in her hair, the paintwork on her guns, even the holsters for her guns. Very nice indeed.

They went all out on Alice.

And now for the final ‘mystery figure.’  Boost Alice, which is a more mature looking version of Alice, in the same costume mind you.

So much hair I had to take her head off for the back shot….

The differences are obvious, the bat symbol has expanded, as has her bust.  oddly her costume has changed a little as well.  In her Queen’s gate book, the costume stays much the same, getting somewhat skimpier, but hey, that doesn’t matter here.  The details are still just as nice.

Her pants are still wedged up one side and she too has camel toe.  Man it’s sad that I check this stuff….

Here’s a boost and non-boost shot.

So once again, a rather nicely done figure.  I still prefer the original Alice look, but that is mainly because the Boost doesn’t feature that much, but they are both very nice figures for chibi characters.

That pretty much summs up this whole selection.  They are all very nicely done little characters.  I was rather impressed with their quality but then, after having a look at the box, they are supposed to retail for 880 yen, so for that amount of money, you’d want some quality in there as they aren’t articulated.

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