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Excellent Model Risty

I have a soft spot for Queen’s Blade.  I suspect that it’s entirely due to the ridiculousness of the idea.  Aside from that though, it ha brought up some nice statues for the characters and this is one I have known about and wanted for a while, Risty the bandit.  I found out about it after it’s initial release and it grew rather expensive on the after market um market…  Luckily a re-release was done with slightly different colours and so I snapped one up. 

From most of my observations the characters of Queen’s Blade seem to play to some fetish of some sort and I notice as the series goes on the characters get a bit weirder and weirder.  From The original, to Rebellion, and now the latest being Grimoire which is slowly seeing mythical and fantasy characters show up, they look like they might be going a bit too far overboard with the risqué nature that at first was mild amusement, now heading the way of soft porn.

Luckily for me, Risty was an original character for normal Queen’s Blade.  She is a run of the mill bandit character who happens to be looking for money to support the orphanage she comes from.  Yay.  The thing that makes Risty stand out from the other characters of Queen’s Blade is that she is rather muscular, a rare thing for Japanese female characters it would seem and this statue does a good job of giving her a 3d form.

Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty
Standard Statue box going on here.  Lots of windows to view the figure within.

Get her out of her clamshell and you’re presented with a stand, mace and shield as the only accessories.  No extra arms or anything with this one (unlike my Megahouse Liliana).  Easy to assemble, except for the shield placement, the arm band piece unplugs, but it didn’t look like it would first off, a bit concerning.
Queen's Blade Risty
I worked it out eventually.

Once assembled with shield and mace in hand she looks very nice.

Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

The colours are great, with the red hear and leather ‘armour’ giving her a fantastic fiery look and personality!
I’ve never really been able to work out what her pose is doing though.  From a higher up angle, the way her head tilts down and her eyes looking to the side,  I interpret it as a pre-fight flexing of the shoulder with a nonchalant “Come on then, let’s go.”   She’s preparing for a fight, but she knows she’ll win.
Queen's Blade Risty

So let’s start at the top.  She has really massive


The one holding her shield looks pretty big, especially compared to her slender forearm.   Her eyes are really nicely painted and I love the way she looks slightly tot he side out of them.  The eye lashes are well done giving a 3 dimensional feel to them and you can see a bit of painted hair on her forehead above her headband.  Her nose is fairly weakly sculpted, in that it doesn’t have a lot of detail but it manages to add just enough to her face without detracting from her eyes she does feature a somewhat guts (from Berserk) like scar across the bridge of her nose.  I think a lot of the character of this statue stems from her eyes.

From one angle she looks disinterested, from another, quite ferocious.
Yaaaaawwwwn                       I'm gonna smash Ya!

The shield/buckler is well sculpted and has a fair few scratched in it from battles, rather oddly some on the inside as well.  I like the way they have the strap\p around her forearm as well as the handle to be hand held.
Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

You can see she has arm bands and her armour is a tanned red leather look.  It’s very well done although I do question the defensive value of it, unless she is an agile character as opposed to relying on her strength, which would go against her weapon of choice.  Once again there are scratches on her armour that also lead onto scars of her body.

Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

There are clasps on the rear of the armour, since this is classed as a ‘cast off’ statue. Annoyingly on mine they broke on the side that isn’t the clasps as the armour is so tight around the body…

The Tattoo on her leg is obvious, but one that is not so obvious is the tiny one under her bicep band on her buckler holding side.  A nice little addition that shows the attention to detail.

Queen's Blade Risty

The belt hangs loosely off her waist and it has the large ‘skirt’ ( ?) piece attached.  I like this addition it manages to add interest to the bottom of the figure, although once again, I question it’s practical use.  I love the sculpting on the belt and buckle and the colours are spot on for a metal buckle too!  Like her hair, there is a really nice effect created with some shading that fades towards tail of the cloth too.
Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

You can see the muscle sculpted on her body and it makes her look really good!  the tribal style tattoo on her leg breaks up the plain flesh tone of her thighs nicely and is sharply applied.  Her arm bands on her biceps hold the fur, and seem to have no logical purpose except for getting the the way, but who cares?  The metal wrist brace looks really cool too.  Such sexy abs!
Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

Moving along, I dig the way the skirt piece slows around her keeping within the boundaries of the base, the bandage on her hand for help in gripping the mace I guess, looks nice and flows well with the skirt.
Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty
The skirt piece also covers (barely) her g-string like this.  Sure you can see undies from the front, but her bottom is covered.

The mace just looks devastating!  Pointed and dented, you can see why she’s a muscly chick wielding that thing must give her a work out!  The metal colour is just fantastic and you can see why she would be unconcerned about fighting some chump.  Perhaps not such a skilled weapon, but a good hit with that would do some severe damage to one’s body!
Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

Finally those legs.  Not such a strong pose coming from the legs, but you can see some nice muscle definition in the thigh.  Her sandals look fairly basic but match up with the style of her armour.  It’s also interesting to see that she has well pedicured toes as well.  She may be a bandit, but a girl’s gotta have some toe nail polish on!

Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

You’ll also notice that the stand has her name and a design that looks like her leg tattoo on it as well.  The colour matches the rest of her really well and it’s peg is needed to help her stand securely.

Queen's Blade Risty

So the belt comes off revealing a very nicely sculpted backside.  However it does leave her looking a bit, well boring without the flaring skirt piece.  Now her G-String is revealed to all who would like to view.  As are her buttocks.  Although they are still fairly covered by her hair, and unless you look up from below, she is still decent.  I like the way the G-string is high up over her hips, this manages to accentuate the length of her legs.  The g-sting is also sculpted so that it presses into her skin, a small but often forgotten about effect.  Although perhaps this g-String is too tight?  It’s also a rather uncomfortable looking shiny leather.  I realise a lot of barbarian girls get given the good old armoured bikini, but hmm, comfort must come in there somewhere. 
I guess it’s better than Tyris Flare’s armoured bikini from Golden Axe.
The removal of the skirt also emphasises her abs even more.

Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

Very nice.  Taking her head off (which can be done to remove the breast armour) exposes her back, which has some cool musculature detail sculpted in.  So strong and sexy!

Queen's Blade RistyQueen's Blade Risty

As I said earlier, her breast armour can be removed as well.  I’ll deal with that of over here, as some of the pics are NSFW.

So overall I think that this statue is really well done and despite her gorgeous body, I think she looks best with her clothes on, they just add so much more character to her.  The red of anger, the massive mace and buckler really manage to add to the great facial detail and all combined they manage pull of her personality very well, which you can gather just by looking at her.  I am glad I waited and was finally able to get one of these, it’s just gorgeous.  I wouldn’t get too excited and overspend on her, but if you could find one at RRP or less even, I’d recommend her!

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