Monday, 1 August 2016

Slightly Excited Ranty Post on Headmasters

Or S.E.R.P.H for short

Yay, It’s the return of the Headmasters!!  I’ve been hoping for this day, since, well, a long long time.  As a kid I thought the Headmasters were the bee’s knees.  Admittedly I thought the English premise for them story wise was a bit silly, as they pushed the two personality thing a fair bit. That always managed to pose so many questions for me.  If highbrow was highbrow before, when he bonded with Gort, what happened to Highbrow?  Surely highbrow would change as he would be influenced by Gort’s thoughts and personality, resulting in a permanent change in Highbrow’s personality, meaning that in the end, he wouldn’t be Highbrow anymore….  Wow man.

Then on top of that, why would a Decepticon subject themselves to such a situation.  Take Snapdragon for example, inactive without his head and stuck with Krunk, surely Snapdragon would not be a happy chappy at being controlled by a human?  Sure, if there is some amazing power that becomes available, I guess they might go for it, but aside from having a wingman, that’s it.  Surely they could’ve just made a small wingman robot that is remote controlled by the larger Transformer and be done with it?

See?  It just doesn’t seem to make sense.  That’s why I just prefer the Japanese version of how they came about.  Initially little robots, they made Transtectors (Cool name too) which were vehicles and big robot modes.

That got a bit off-Track.

So bringing us back, I loved the Head/Power/Targetmasters.  The fact you had a little robot that could drive a vehicle AND THEN become the robot’s head was just too damn awesome in my mind.

Now, Headmasters is the theme of the day and many not-headmaster characters are becoming headmasters!  How do I feel about this?  I don’t mind as long as the toys are good!  Although I’d prefer that they adopted Powermasters and Targetmasters at the same instead of forcing PMs into HMs (ginrai/PM Prime for example.), but the toys do look nice.  Now, this was originally going to be an introduction to my Galvatron review, but it got a bit long and ranty, so I’ll just leave it as a “I’m happy about all this Headmaster loving that is going on” and an obvious note that I am working on my Legends Galvatron review (not a video one, so you can have a reprieve from my ‘singing’).

Well, not RIGHT now…  Right now I off to watch some Voltron, Legendary Defender Episodes to help me get more excited by the SOC Voltron later in the year.  So, stay tuned!

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