Sunday 13 November 2016

Legends Sky-byte or Gelshark Comic Translation

Here, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I have to translation of Sky-byte’s Legends Comic.  At first I thought this would be an easy job, but as I was going, there was much struggling.  First challenge, are any of the boxes haikus?

 The answer, no.  That was a relief.

The next step was some of the phrases were a bit odd.  But after some battling, I managed to work them out.

The final hurdle was whether to make everything use the Japanese names or English names.  For all the others, I tried to do a good translation by swapping names for their English versions whenever possible.

However, Gelshark here struck me with a unique problem. 

If I called him Skybyte and had him as a Predacon, that means his enemy was Optimus Prime.   Yet on the second page, he refers to Optimus Prime as being “Fire Convoy’s overseas name.” 
I thought I could’ve swapped the names around, BUT he ends up dressing up as Optimus Prime from TF4.  In the Transformers movies, even in Japan, Optimus is called Optimus (not Convoy as usual).  So for the joke to work I decided to go with the Japanese names of factions for this comic, so instead of being a Predacon, Gelshark (Not Skybyte) is a Destronger, Autobots are Cybertrons and Decepticons are Destrons.

So, now that’s out of the way, please enjoy Sky-byte’s Gelshark’s comic translation.

(Oh, his Legends’ toy review is here)

(And the TFCC toy review is here)

Again, directional arrows provided for ease of reading.



Extra notes after the jump.

  • It starts in the G1 universe by the looks of things.
  • R-Blade and Solitarium come from the Robotmasters line.  Solitarium is what the Robotmasters see through weapons were made of.
  • R-Blade really loves Jetfire.
  • I think Jetfire looks like the Classics Jetfire, but not 100% sure.  Gelshark is LG06 in the legends line and Jetfire was LG07, so it could well be his new Legends body.  Or perhaps the solitarium explosion gives him a new body.  Sadly I don’t have Jetfire’s comic, s I can't clarify anymore.
  • Gelshark dressing as Optimus is just what he did in the Car Robots/RID cartoon.
  • In the last frame, it’s a reference to the Jaws ride at Universal Studios Japan, where Jaws rises out of the water, and splashes the people on the ride.

Finally, despite the difficulties of the translation, I rather enjoyed this comic.  I really like Sky-byte!

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