Thursday, 24 May 2018

LG45 Hot Rod Legends Comic Translation


Back with another quality translation, thanks to my good brain.  Today, I have Hot Rod’s comic translated and looking good.  This one had some tricky sound effect sections to fix, which were challenging, but I enjoyed doing it.  The comic is also rather amusing too.

Included is a bio translation, as well as the original Japanese and arrowed\arrowless versions.


Hot Rod

Function: Targetmaster Warrior

After being released from the heavy responsibility of being Commander of the Autobots, he went to a new world for daily adventure.
With a new partner and with Headmaster and Targetmaster Powerup, he seems to find adventure everyday.
But these experiences are actually training him so he can take up the mantle of commander once again.




  1. Great job with the translation! But could you upload the comics at a higher resolution? I like to save them as cbr files and 1024 x 724 is a bit low for that.

  2. Any chance of translating the Sixshot comic next?

    1. I'm currently working on Rattrap at the moment, but when I've finished that one, I'll shove Sixshot to the sop of the list.

  3. Sixshot would be great! Is there any way to support you? Like Patreon or something?


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