Sunday 22 July 2018

Sonic Mania Plus Japanese Packaging

Finally Sonic Mania got a physical release, something they should’ve done at the start.  Considering how Sonic Forces got one, it just baffles me why this one didn’t.  Perhaps that’s a good thing though, as if it had got a physical release at the start, we wouldn’t have had the additional bits for the “Plus” made.  Regardless, I’ve been playing through the normal one and even went to the expense of getting the Plus copy, instead of just paying the extra 500 yen for the upgrade.  I wanted that Soundtrack dammit.

I figured that the release of Plus would be relatively the same all over the world.  As it turns out, it is not.  Check out retroking Simon’s coverage of the UK box.

So to compare, here are some shots of the Japanese box.

To start, the box is wrapped in a plastic cover, with a paper slip over the box.  Underneath the slip cover is a box minus the blurb on the back.  Interesting.  No holofoil going on here ladies and gents.

SonicMPlusBx (3)SonicMPlusBx (1)SonicMPlusBx (2)SonicMPlusBx (4)SonicMPlusBx (5)

Opening the box reveals a dvd case, a bluray case a book and a space filler.  The bluray case has a reversible cover, with the art of the slip case on it, and a Megadrive version.  Naturally, I went for the MD style.  Having had the AU version of Sonic 3, I would have preferred the pal version of the cover, but hey, I also have a Japanese version of Sonic and it doesn’t bother me much.

SonicMPlusBx (6)

The game case is the bluray and you get a single page instruction manual and you can see the original cover on the inside.

SonicMPlusBx (7)SonicMPlusBx (8)SonicMPlusBx (9)

The DVD case holds the CDs for the Soundtrack.  It also has a reversible cover.

SonicMPlusBx (10)SonicMPlusBx (12)SonicMPlusBx (11)

And finally the art book.  Which while printed in Japan, has no Japanese in it, so it would seem there is only one language for the art book.  It’s small and tasty and full of cool pictures and talks about the development.  A nice little set really.

SonicMPlusBx (13)SonicMPlusBx (14)SonicMPlusBx (15)

While I’m on the Sonic Mania Plus push, check out youtube and the videos on Sega’s channel.  Very cool!

Sonic Mania Adventures (I love these!)

Developer interviews

Dev Diary 1

Dev Diary 2

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