Tuesday 17 December 2019

Legends Issue 4 English Translation


Hello ladies and gents, here I have a translation of issue 4 on the online legends Manga.  Rattrap is slaving away as an office worker, learning more about life in the corporate structure. Or something. Whatever. Please read and enjoy  (on the right column) Transformation Gap and (on the left) Gender Gap.

I’m going to upload the original Japanese ones as well, as these types of things have a tendency to disappear off the original sites a lot of the time.

Issue 4

The “Transformation Gap” and the “Gender Gap.”
Robot mode. An adult’s true mode. What a lovely catch-phrase!



Notes of explanation:
I went with the Japanese names because Airrazor had a gender swap between the JP and Eng Beast Wars.  If I used the Eng names, then the idea loses some of it effect.

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