Legends Comics required.

I'm slowly getting through the Transformers Legends comics from Takara that I have.  However I am missing some, so I thought I'd put up a list here of the ones that I require.

Scans are much preferred over photos and quality scans without watermarks would be much appreciated.
***Updated*** March 4th 2018

These are the ones I need:

LG02 BW Convoy
LG03 Tankor
LG04 Roadbuster
LG05 Whirl
LG07 Jetfire
LG08 Swerve and Tailgate
LG13 (G1) Megatron
LG20 Skids

LGEX Metroplex
LGEX Grand Maximus
LGEX Deadlock  Pack in Comic?
LGEX Rattle, Rhinox, Waspeeter (unsure if these guys got one)

If you happen to have some scans for me, please email them to 
tetstoys @ gmail.com
Minus the spaces of course.


  1. Did you get that thing I sent you..?

    1. If You're the guy with the Blaster Comic, then yes! Thanks!

  2. http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/new-legends-toys-comic-scans.1127116/