Sunday 3 June 2012

Crazy shopping.


Man I love it when out and about and some crazy weird stuff that makes you say “What were they thinking?” crosses your path.  I’ve found dodgy badly done toy labels, strange celebrity endorsements and totally truthful information. 


Please have a look and ponder this;  How did the Human race come to this.




What’s this?  A soup maker apparently.  Who thought this was  a good idea??  And $169???






I’ve got a soup maker at home you know.  It’s called a SAUCEPAN!

And it didn’t cost me $169!!






This was a toy kettle I found in K-mart.  Read that label!


“Kettle with sound”


Includes Sound!


HA HA HA HA HA!  I should hope it does.






Ok, this one I didn’t find in the shops, but after watching Undercover Boss on the TV, I discovered that Hooters catchphrase was ‘Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.’



Ummm, WOT???


That’s like saying “It’s a bit crappy, but a bit crappy”


Sorry Hooters, Tacky means Unrefined.  Use a dictionary people.  Unless that’s an in joke, like it’s so tacky they don’t know that unrefined means tacky.  Or are they talking about the sugar?  I dunno.  I don’t think they know either.




Ok, this next one is a corker!!


Oh yeh! That’s right, it’s a Shane Warne edition Hot Wheels car!  HA HA HA HA! Oh god, milk just came out of my nose I was laughing so hard!  Warney Warney Warney.  Talk about a poor cash in. 

Insert Face palm image here….



Oh I like this one.  Demae noodles.  No BS here.


“Artificial Chicken Flavour”  Actually at least they spelt ‘Flavour’ right!


I can only assume Artificial Chicken tastes like a saltier version of normal chicken.




Coming to your local frozen foods section.


Or your French made breast implants section, it’s…






Do I really need to add more?  Just have a look at the creepy little mascot guy in the bottom right corner.  Oh actually he’s on another product, but you can’t fault that placement!






Oh but there’s a better one than that.



Wait for it!







BWA HA HA HA HA hA HA!  What the hell is this?  Complete with creepy little lip-smacking-poop-looking bug-eyed thing.


GOLD!    Shame they aren’t described as “Tender Breast Munchies”


Phew! This is too much…


Final one isn’t all that funny.  Just a little baffling.  I like cereal for breakfast, it’s yummy and convenient and easy.  Yet here in Australia, there is a total lack of variety in cereals.  I am pretty certain that new cereals ceased to be invented after 1980 or so here.  Maybe that’s being a bit harsh. 1990.  With one new one showing up every 4 years or so.  And then dying off because it is just a slightly different version of an already existing cereal.


Yet the shops manage to fill a whole aisle with cereal ‘selection.



Surely there is plenty of promise here?




Here’s why.



hmm, I thought I had more pictures.  Oh well.  the reason is this:  All the brands (about 3) make the same type of cereal.  So I can get Sultana Bran by kellogs, Sultana Bran by Homebrand, Sultana bran by someone else.  All at the sacrifice of variety.


I don’t want 4 different companies’ selection of friggin’ corn flakes because they are all JUST CORN FLAKES!


Give me something I want to buy.  That isn’t laden with sugar.  Aside from Weet-Bix, Vita Brits and Mini-Wheats. Which are pretty much all the same thing.  By different companies.


Oooh, that made me a bit angry.  Off to look at some  Breast munchies I think!


  1. I like munching on some breasts every now and then.

  2. i died laughing munch munch munch pop

    aw crap


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