Friday 22 June 2012

Okami HD for Ps3 Confirmed!

At last! It:s here, it:s totally exciting!  I am a happy chappy.  Okami has been confirmed as having an HD update for the Playstation3!  Oh happy joy joy! My favourite game of all time in beautiful gorgeous 1080p

Check this out!

Rather annoyingly though, it's only going to be released on PSN for North America and European markets!  WHAT? Grrrrr! Give me a hard copy damn you!  The Japanese release has a blu-ray version available.  Normal edition and a ltd edition one, that is a little bit too expensive for my liking there playasia!

To keep mad people like me hanging on, here is a bit from Capcom

And a comparison with the PS2 version


  1. nice. My friend, and the other half of the transformers untold story i made, will be very pleased. his favorite game in HD when i tell him, if he doesn't already know, his Brain might explode!

    1. Your friend has impeccable taste and I applaud him! I am so pumped for this, I might lock myself in my house for a week!!


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