Monday 4 June 2012

Sakura Kyoko. figma coolness

Kyoko Sakura

Hmm, Magical girls.  Or Puella Magi Madoka Magika as it’s known in Japanese.  I have only just started watching the anime of this series, but I liked the design of the characters from the start.  This one I think is the last of the figma figures that are planned for the line and the one I wanted them most, or second most.  I forget which.  Anyway, she looks cool in her colours and has a really sexy weapon!


And Snacks.



So like some toy collecting weirdo, I have found myself picking figures on the accessories they come with.  Not really.  I quite like the look of this one and as a coincidence, she also just so happens to come with some fun stuff for posing with.


Kyoko (1)Kyoko (2)


Her box is the standard smaller size box for figmas.  Nice colours that match the character well.


Kyoko (60)Kyoko (3)

Once out of the box, she looks a bit like this.  I really like the look of this one.  She has an almost Capt. Liliana coat going on and since these guys are all meant to be school students, she has a pleated skirt on underneath.  Nice boots, sleeves and hair.  I found myself playing and posing her quite a bit and she is good to mess about with for those cool dynamic action poses.  The figma seem to be the only company that make these action figures, not that I  mind as they suite the characters rather well.


She has a total of three faces that can be interchanged.


Kyoko (20)Kyoko (48)Kyoko (22)

That last one goes with one of her accessories!  All the faces are well done.  I like her hair style as well.  Her ponytail has a joint on it and the covering piece of hair is made from a pliable plastic so as to not get in the way.  She also has a bow.  Actually, I guess you could say this figma has a hair piece!


Lame joke, I know…


Kyoko (4)Kyoko (5)Kyoko (18)Kyoko (64)


I think before I go any further, I will get to her accessories.  The first one I will show is a little Taiyaki.  It is a load of red bean paste in a dough and usually the shape of a fish.  This is quite an intricate accessory, as there is a fair bit of detail on the taiyaki.  The red bean paste is quite easy to see as she has taken a bit out of it!


Kyoko (7)Kyoko (8)Kyoko (10)


She also comes with a packet of ‘Rocky’ as the box calls it.  Which is quite obviously a nod towards the popular snack ‘Pocky.’  Pocky is a pretzel stick dipped in chocolate, which I am going to assume is what Rocky is.  At first glace at the box, I thought it was a pack of cigarettes!


Kyoko (21)Kyoko (23)Kyoko (24)


You can see why I thought it was a pack of cigarettes now hey?  Her mouth with the little hole in it is to pop a rocky stick in.  Yes, she comes with two individual sticks of Rocky to munch on. 


And they are tiny.


Kyoko (25)Kyoko (26)


Drop them on the carpet and they are gone.  They do look nice when planted in her mouth though!


Kyoko (27)Kyoko (28)


And final accessory, aside from her weapon, which is so cool that I took a fair few photos of it, is a caught Kyubey, who is some demon cat/stuffed animal thing.


Kyoko (39)

Kyubey is small, well detailed with paint and accurate to its cartoon model.


There is no movement for limbs, as you can see, but the head is attached to a ball joint, so the body can be angled around a little bit, which is required due to the pose this Kyubey is designed for.





Combine Kyubey with a particular hand…                     Like so…

Kyoko (29)Kyoko (30)

Hand #4 and the one above my thumb and you can make this little pose happen.


Kyoko (31)Kyoko (32)Kyoko (33)Kyoko (34)Kyoko (35)Kyoko (36)Kyoko (37)Kyoko (38)


Things aren’t looking so good now, hey you creepy little demon cat thingomajig.  As I said before, details and paint work on Kyubey are quite nice and I have no complaints abut the look of the little guy. Or Gal, I don’t know.


And you also see the cool weapon she has a well.  It’s a huge arse spear!.  It is long. So very, very long!


Kyoko (40)


Paint work and colours are again, done very very nicely and the silver looks very metallic.  To put it in her hand, you need to take the pointy end off and slide it through and then replace the pointy end.


Kyoko (42)Kyoko (41)


And it has a little something extra.  But before we go there, let’s quickly cover the design of Sakura.


I like her uniform, it’s cool.  Some nice detail on it, but not so much as to overwhelm it.


Kyoko (9)Kyoko (11)Kyoko (13)Kyoko (12)

You can see the pleated skirt and magic symbol design on it.  The boots look a little chunky from the side, but I really like the stripe down the side.  Racing stripe perhaps?  Her, jacket has hinges on the tails which helps add to the dynamic nature of the character and the pleated skirt is soft pliable plastic so there is little hindrance to her lifting her leg.


Kyoko (14)Kyoko (15)

Coat tails in action!  Therefore it is quite fun to go around posing her in running, jumping and all sorts of other poses.


Kyoko (16)Kyoko (17)Kyoko (58)Kyoko (59)


And now, for the final part, the speary-halberdy weapon thing super advantage of coolness!!  Under the main tray is a load of black bits of plastic and a bunch of golden straws.  These are to emulate a segmented speary halberd thing.  And it is awesome!

Kyoko (43)

The golden bits are the handle, the black bits become the chain.


What I like about this idea more than an actual chain is because they are sturdy plastic chains, they allow you to have the weapon whipping about, or flowing depending on your preference at the time.





Kyoko (49)Kyoko (50)

And it is awesome!!



Kyoko (51)Kyoko (52)

The cool thing (yes, there are more!) is that with clever placement of the chain bits, you can have the spear going crazy pretty much anyway you like.  They are all interchangeable, so the last on by the spear head in that second photo can be put right by the handle on the first join if you like.  Add to that the fact that they are fairly solid and can hold the spear up pretty much by themselves equals much awesome weapon posing possibility.


Here comes a new Challenger!!


kyokoch1 (2)

Who could it be?




kyokoch1 (1)

Oh no! It looks like Shiggy the Inquisitor!






Kyoko (53)Kyoko (54)

Oh dear, Shiggy has lost her veil already and the fight has only just started.  We’d better leave now before she loses more things…


There we go.  Sakura here is a pretty nifty little figure!  Extremely cool weapon, nice accessories and good looks make for a nice and fun character that is easy to pose and looks good with many dynamic options.  I especially like the way they handled the chain ability of her spear as it allows for much fun and coolness to come forth!  Very very nice indeed.


Now that I have been thoroughly impressed with her, I should look at my other Puella figures.

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