Friday, 23 November 2012

Lazy blog update

In general cruising of the web, I discovered this guy's blog and he had a post previously about his creation of Thundertron character for Transformers Prime.    So, being the nerd that I am, I jumped on and asked if he could publish some concept pictures of Thundertron for me to drool over (I love concept images of TFs!) and he was kind enough to to so!  AWESOME!

I recommend you check it out NOW!  it has certainly made me want that damn toy now.  Sure, I was likely to get it anyway, but it's gone from a 'waiting for a sale' to a 'must get' figure. Link below!  And thanks Emiliano!

Santalux: Emiliano Santalucia's Blog: Thundertron concept sketches!: Remember the recent post about Thundertron ? The new Transformers character introduced in the Exodus novel? Well, the folks at Hasbro have b...


  1. i saw a pic of the toy for this
    i like the pegleg that can be replaced with a regular leg
    can't wait to see season three!
    its gonna be awesome!

    1. Yeha, I am looking forward to season three as well!! :D I have come to the conclusion that I like Thundertron more than the Japanese Leo Prime version.

      If only he had a more Piratey name.


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