Sunday 2 December 2012

Kreon Scorponok Video review

There we go. Enjoy.


  1. he really pisses you off doesn't he lol

    1. Ha ha! Yeah.. I think it's just that I expected more from it than anything else.

  2. Hey Tets, remember that secret combination between Megs an Shockwave?
    well i finally made a video and am uploading it to youtube. it should be up by the time you wake up so you can watch it then. it is called
    "megatron and shockwave-secret combination" please don't mind the shakiness, b/c i shot it from a webcam

    1. I just watched it! nice one, Looks impressive and as I said on the video, seems very sturdy. I look forward to the stop motion now! :D

      If anybody wants to check it out
      Video link here

  3. have you seen the microchangers combiners yet? i think they look really cool, except the fact that some of the teams are missing members, the sets are like 4 kreons with extra combiner bits, like feet and stuff.
    they are going to have four of them
    1) predaking
    2) bruticus
    3) devastator
    4) superion

    i wish i had forty american so i could preorder all four

  4. i have a question

    do you think it would be cool if i repainted my barricade, who lost all of his police paint, to Soundwave g1 colors, and frenzy, which goes in the chest, to his G1 colors.
    i came up with this idea when i was looking up pics of soundwave with frenzy and thought it would be a good idea, since my barricade lost all of his paint anyway. what do you think, tets, or anyone else who comments?

  5. I think that if you could paint your Barricade G1 Soundwave colours, I would approve. If I remember correctly, the initial plans for Barricade was for him to be Soundwave anyway, but they changed that idea, hence him being partnered up with Frenzy. Luckily.

    If you painted him, it would be an interesting concept, and you can add speakers onto his shoulder side panels. I'd be interested to see how it goes.

    As for the combiner Kreons, I dunno yet. As much as I liked Jazz and Mirage from the sets, Scorponok has put me off the changer ones quite a bit. I am adopting a wait and see approach. ;)

  6. i liked kre-o jazz as well. i just leave him in robot form because it is too much work to change between robot and vehicle. I'm kind of into the bruticus microchanger set and devastator because they have always been my two favorite G1 combiners. i got the powercore combiners crankcase with destrons set because its main inspiration was bruticus max. and when i was young i had blast-off and onslaught, and i wish i still did but they came up missing and i was sad. also back to baricade-soundwave, i kind of made a radio form for him, sort of, and it kind of reminds me of the wfc soundwave who turns into a car and a radio. I just need to buy some paint.


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