Saturday 20 April 2013

Last day of too much food.

And here we are, on the final day of the holiday and desperately trying to cram in a few final bits of fun before I head back home to the unorganised drudgery of Australia again.  Whenever I go to Japan, there are three foods that I really looks for:

  • Melon Pan
  • Mr Donuts
  • Mos Burger

Ok. Only one of those is a food.  The other are food chains…  oh well.

Thus commences the adventures of :

6th August 2012

Mr Donuts is a donut shop, that manages to not have all that many donuts but is full of crazy sweet foods.

Mos Burger is a rather unnappetising name for a burger chain that actually have quite nice burgers and such, as well as seasonal bonuses.

But first, MELON PAN.

It is a little bun falvoured with melon icing of sorts.  It is kind of rockmelon/ honey dew melon flavoured and I (as well as others I know) love it.  I had bought some the previous day as an unhealthy breakfast for the last day.  AAaaaaw.  It looks a bit like this.


Oh man, I miss melon pan and I haven’t found it anyway in Australia……

Lunch was Mos Burger.  I remember avoiding the place when I first went to Japan thinking it was some bizarre vegetarian burger chain.  Oh how wrong I was.  They actually have a varied selection of burgers and serve them rather well.  After a bit of packing and preparation, we hit the Mos Burger.

I miss Mos Burger.

Summer time is Mos Burger time! 


Hot damn!  look at those there baskets o goods.  Mmmm nice chips, Iced tea for my beverage and a nifty little papaer wrapper around my burger so I don’t get sloppy all down my hands.

And the last bit was Mr Donuts.  I don’t know where Mr Donuts originates from, but a good guess would be U.S.A.  There are no Mr Donuts that I know of in Australia and despite talking about donuts, they don’t really have that many.  I will say this though: Mr Donuts puts Australia’s Donut King AND Krispy Kreme to shame. 

Incidentally, people rave like obsessed acolytes about Krispy Kreme donuts, but when I had some it was a gluggy blob of crap.  I just don’t get it, I just assume by default now that Australians are so used to bad service, high prices and crap food that they just accept it now…

I digress though, Mr Donuts has a vast selection.  Look at this Donut ‘King’ and weep.  You aren’t worthy to lick the empty boxes of Mr Donuts!!!!


And just in case you want a closer look at the variety of goods.


And some Choice close ups:

In the centre above, Ginger donuts of 3 types. Yes, 3 tyoes of GINGER donuts!  Bottom right are coconut & Chocolate donuts (that’d be lamington no less).  Top right corner (behind the green sign) is Old fashioned green tea

In this one we have Hamburger Pie, Pon De Strawberry, Pon de Enzeru (Like and eclair),  Golden Crunch, Chocolate, Double choc, custard cream, mashed potato mini-pie.

As you can see, savoury is fairly popular as well.  Oh man, I want some donuts now, but all that I can get that won’t be crap will be the old cinnamon sugared donuts.  Sigh.

Get your shit together Donut King and see what the world has to offer!

Anyway now that my rant is (mostly) over, we bought some donuts and took them home for munchies later on and thus came the end of my holiday in Japan for 2012.

Thinking about it now, it’s almost time we headed back again! MWA HA HA HA HA!

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