Monday 29 April 2013

Long time no post, time for a haul

Well, it’s been a while since I posted a haulage post, but after a pal has gone to Japan and a little local fair, as well as online shopping and a few too many glasses of wine, here we go with a few pics.

My Ginrai, from “Gutto Kuru”.  Originally he came with two right arms… That's his properly done replacement.  Frenzy and Rumble of Prime, coz they have Gurren Lagaan faces on their chests (yes I am that shallow), Kreon Combiners (YEEEEEEAAAAH!), Ripclaw a nice lady dragon, but pretty boring lady robot.
The one Transformer that needs no introduction.

A Prime General Vehicon, Masterpiece cassettes of the Buzzsaw, Frenzy, Rumble, Ravage nature.  A bunch of stuff from a bud’s visit from Japan (thanks man Winking smile)  that has some Strike Witches Luccini stickers, a saucy manga featuring the aforementioned witch, some chick from some gae with a big sword that looks cool that I like the look of, Hastune Miku music CD and DIVA F game for PS3, a Luccini statue thingy and some other stuff that I can’t make out from the thumbnail I am looking at.

Yeah, I can be lazy.  So what?


  1. Nice loot! I am still awaiting for my Fort Max. I had to personally ask for single-tape due to AFA's ruling on that (it can only be allowed for uncirculated pieces). Bah. But if it means having my future children and grandchildren know how great this character was, then I might as well wait. :p That, and I guess unless my preferred store lowers the price on Ginrai, I'll just look at yours and think how I originally thought he might be smaller.

    Also, I am with you with Frenzy and Rumble! Just promise us that you don't rename their Arms Microns Simon and Kamina. ;)

    1. Simon and Kamina... Hmmm. Not a bad idea ;p.

      I'd certainly like to see an AFA graded Max, that would be a worthy coffee table!! Keeping Max for future generations is a worthy cause too! I approve. Lets kids know that toys used to be a wonderful thing of much glory!

      As for Ginrai, I feel the need to do a patronising review building, I know I am gonna hate it, but I still need it. What a confused fellow I must be.

    2. And you will... You will. Along with the other 12/15 pieces anticipating the grading process. I hope to cap it off at 30, just to do a 1 Transformer = 1 Year bit. :) So lets just say that before the year is up, I hope to also show you a pic of my post-graded "2010" Predaking. Because while he was my 4th piece, he is the character I encountered in Koriyama that lead to this mess... I mean decision.

      Also, you might have to wait as the store I preordered mine from only got the double-taped pieces. I had to request single-taped on account it will not be considered "uncirculated". So even though I have two of the larger "Encore" pieces, I will try to get him graded first so I can send you the pic in the form of a coffee table cloth this Christmas. ;) Actually... I now want a Fortress Maximus themed table cloth. :p

      Oh... And do not forget - Kamina is red, as red is passion. And Simon is blue, as he tends to get the emo moments. ;)

  2. wow tets! nice haul. now im jelly lol you didn't lie about getting them Micros. can't wait for your reviews. and frenzy and rumble from prime
    too bad i can't afford some of those jap toys. it would be great to have those two

    1. Thanks! I think I recall talk of a Hasbro Frenzy/Rumble, but only one. I also managed to find the fifth member of those teams from the blind packs. Might need your help finding a way to work them into the combined mode.

  3. cool can you get me a blind pack Blast off? and if you haven't seen yet i only need two of FOC combaticons, Onslaught and Swindle, so if you can still help there i would greatly appreciate bro


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