Thursday 20 February 2014

Wreck-Gar - A-Rama!

You know when you go a little crazy… and you end up with 4 of essentially the same figure…..  well, I justify it by explaining they are Junkions. And awesome.  Then I swapped their heads around to make them just that little bit more different.  The I went and bought the E-hobby set, just for the new Junkion head of Scrapheap.  THEN I bought the Hasbro release of Scrapheap called Junkheap.  Sounds like a heap of…

Sadly here though, I have only included the Wreck-Gars of both Hasbro and Takaratomy likenesses.  The other guys I will get around to eventually.

The good news is that this body build is pretty damn fine with the rather clever design addition of them being able to ride themselves, or more specifically, each other!!  Hmm, no matter how I word it, it sounds a bit creepy.

Anyway, this post should consist of both Hasbro’s Reveal the Shield (HB) and TakaraTomy’s United (TT) version.  It appears though that I neglected to photograph the box of the HB, so here is the TT version.  I quite like the  battle scene that they have out together on the ack.  It certainly looks a lot more interesting than the back of the HB version, although the character art on the HB version is very nice.
Wreck-Gar (1)Wreck-Gar (2)Wreck-Gar (3)

It has a little profile down below and his delightful stats next to that. Very nice.  Now onto the robot.  TT on the left and HB on the right.  You can see that the HB immediately has the flames on the chest, which are really nice but it is also a bit more dull in colouration than the TT.

Wreck-Gar (4)Wreck-Gar (5)Wreck-Gar (54)Wreck-Gar (55)

One thing I will say is that I love the asymmetrical look of this guy.   It fits the odd fitting parts look of Wreck-Gar and the Junkions rather well.  the head has faux handlebars on it and is painted silver for TT and beige for HB.  Same sculpt.
Wreck-Gar (6)Wreck-Gar (59)
I am going to move on from the comparison for now and just have a general look over the toy.  I used the TT version for most shots as I had that one first.  He has a really nice waist swivel and his lean frame makes good use of the joints he has been provided with.  I like how they have added faux engine parts that are in the abdominal area and the way the chest looks like it’s the fuel tanks of the bike split open.  One thing that I am not so impressed with is the way the head is a bit recessed in the chest.  It hinders the beautiful chin hair and hides the ends away.  Luckily the facial hair is made of rubbery plastic. 

There is the option of light piping in the eyes, but the eyes are painted over on both, only adding some rather attractive eye liner to them noth.

Wreck-Gar (12)Wreck-Gar (13)Wreck-Gar (7)Wreck-Gar (8)Wreck-Gar (19)

He is normally straddled with the bike wheels on the same side of his body, but one can unplug it from its ball socket and very loosely attach it to his right arm as a type of tyre shield.  i like this idea as it makes him somewhat more G1-like, however be careful with this setup as I have heard of the little part on the arm that the shield connects to breaking off.  It is unofficial as well, so it’s not even a design flaw.
Wreck-Gar (14)Wreck-Gar (15)Wreck-Gar (16)Wreck-Gar (17)Wreck-Gar (18)

Wreck-Gars proper weapon is a pinwheel fan axe.  Which can rather cleverly be disguised on the wheel in bike mode.  I can also be clipped on his back via the c-clip.  What a handy little invention that is. And in a rather cool little addition, you can have it set up in a variety of ways.

Wreck-Gar (9)Wreck-Gar (10)Wreck-Gar (11)

Wreck-Gar (31)Wreck-Gar (32)Wreck-Gar (33)Wreck-Gar (34)

His legs are solid and weighty and the feet are attached by a ball joint that has plenty of clearance from the rest of the leg making him a very stable character.  It can take a bit of fiddling to get him right as one knees straightens a bot more than the other, but once set he is pretty darn flat footed on any terrain. 
Wreck-Gar (20)Wreck-Gar (21)Wreck-Gar (30)

The clearance around the knees and the fact that the legs have to fold up over the really adds to his posing options.
Wreck-Gar (22)Wreck-Gar (23)Wreck-Gar (24)Wreck-Gar (25)Wreck-Gar (26)Wreck-Gar (27)Wreck-Gar (28)Wreck-Gar (29)

Whoooo!  The bike is a very nice looking dirtbike as well.  Transformation can be a bit tricky, folding the hands and legs into the engine area can be a bit finnicky, but is well worth the effort.

Below is the TT version with the yellow flames and the HB has the black ones.  To me it seems that the TT one just seems a little bit more sexy than HB.  Although in a way, the HB one looks a bit more ‘Junkion’ like.

Wreck-Gar (35)Wreck-Gar (60)Wreck-Gar (41)Wreck-Gar (61)Wreck-Gar (38)Wreck-Gar (36)Wreck-Gar (37)Wreck-Gar (42)Wreck-Gar (39)Wreck-Gar (50)Wreck-Gar (62)Wreck-Gar (43)Wreck-Gar (44)Wreck-Gar (45)Wreck-Gar (46)
Above is a pic of the slightly troublesome hands in vehicle mode.  From underneath the face is rather obvious as well.  And only a little bit creepy….

The HB one came from the Reveal the Shield line that ran with, um three toys?  Maybe four or five, if you include Legends and the Scouts.  They ended up being lumped into the Classics line.  The gimmick that separated these ones was the cool little rub sign insignia.  Wreck-Gar’s sits on his windshield in bike mode and foot in robot mode.  TT just has a very nicely applied white and red one.  Hmm, classic look on both ends!
Wreck-Gar (69)Wreck-Gar (71)Wreck-Gar (40)

Interestingly, after swapping the heads around on a couple of these guys to make a bit more of a difference, the TT head doesn’t fit as well on the HB body.  Strange.  I took apart the eyes and it was mildly interesting.

Wreck-Gar (73)Wreck-Gar (74)

Now for some group shots.   There’s a lot of these coz this toy is a LOT of fun!
Wreck-Gar (88)Wreck-Gar (64)Wreck-Gar (65)Wreck-Gar (66)Wreck-Gar (67)Wreck-Gar (68)Wreck-Gar (72)Wreck-Gar (77)Wreck-Gar (78)Wreck-Gar (80)

Oh ho ho ho!  What a bunch of great toys these are!  I like them so much I even bought 2 more albeit with different heads, but the fact that body is just so marvellous in the first place makes this guy a must have figure!

Plus he workes with other 6 inch characters as well..

This one was a request from a friend for when I eventually got around to doing it…  Sorry it to so long to get to.

Oh, and because every travelling skeleton needs a guitar…



  1. this guy never appeared in my area otherwise i probably would have bought him

    1. lol. Well, you probably wouldn't want to here how he ended up kicking around for $10 (super cheap here) at mark down stores. The only time we get cheap TFs. So rare.

    2. no wonder you got two of each lol
      comparing money values of our countries though he would've olny been ten here at regular price anyway


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