Sunday 20 August 2017

LG40 Astrotrain Legends Comic Translation.


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I am proud to present a translation of Astrotrain’s comic from the Legends line.    Read it, enjoy it, ask some questions, spread the love and have a look at my other comic translations that I’ve done. 

Make me famous!

Give me Money, as I’m going to need some if this wonderful trend is to continue, as I sure as hell don’t have enough to buy all these blasted toys.

Once again, I have provided arrowed and normal versions.  A few notes after the comics.  Thanks go to my friend who found the scan somewhere and sent it to me.  So thanks to him and whoever the original scanner was.  Good on ya chum!

Firstly the original in Japanese


Then the arrowed version


Finally followed by the much cleaner (due to lack of arrows) Normal version


A few notes I spied.

  • Magnus and Chromia work for the decepticons as they stayed with Metroplex when he was purchased by the Decepticons in Fort Max's comic.
  • Cab working in a Butler cafe is being nice about it.  From the looks of things, he works in a male maid cafe.
  • The panel with the train in the traffic has Chromedome and Sunstreaker stuck int he traffic jam.
  • Astrotrain sure is following Dr Eggman's lead here ladies and gents:
  • "He captures the inhabitants of the world.  Enslaves them in robot bodies and wants to build the Astrotrain Empire"  Eggman/Robotnic does the exact same thing in Sonic games!!  Except he wants to make the Eggman Empire
  • The brochure to attract the Headmasters was kind of interesting as it has the Sentinel Prime colouration for the body included, as well as Astrotrain’s face being used as an insignia.

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