Tuesday 29 August 2017

LG43 Dinozaurer Trypticon Web Comic Translation Number 2


Well, here is a tricky one.  It is listed as issue 44 on TakaraTomy's website, but its another web comic for #43 of the Legends Line.  It's the comic for Trypticon.    Webcomic #1 is here.
For the sake of history, first is the original Japanese comic, followed by my English Arrow help version and then a clean English version.

Once again, share and enjoy!

Original Japanese


English With arrows:


English No Arrows


Some interesting notes on this one.  

  • Clouder is the Masterforce version of Doubledealer.
  • Mindwipe has a chant that is essentially words that rhyme, so I didn't bother translating them here.  It seems that in the Mindwipe comic, he starts with the same chant, but changes the end to make the person do what he wants.  Somewhat like the magic spells from She-ra/He-man.  "Koumori" means bat and "Amamori" means leaky roof."
  • I got to use the word whelp in this one! Yay!

I don't currently have access to a scanner, so the toy comic won't be soon.  I do have a nice backlog to work on.  But time is an issue. 

Tata- for now!

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