Sunday, 3 September 2017

LG43 Trypticon toy comic Translation!


***Updated with a better scan of the comic***

Hi guys n gals, Finally I’ve completed this epic piece of work.  What started out as fun ended up being a bit of a rush as I got into it.  The release of the second part to his prologue the day before I received the toy was a shock, but finally, I have here a translation of Trypticon’s in pack manga!
For those wondering, chronologically:

Then this one.

Massive thanks go to Big Angry Trev for providing me with a scan!  Get on over to his site for some interesting takes and views on the world.  He’s a great bloke!  He has done a comparison between the Hasbro and TT version of Trypticon/Dynazowra, so get there and have a look.  I’m not gonna spoil it for ya!

   If I get a chance, I’ll work on getting a cleaner scan (amd I have) , but for now, this will do nicely!  Enjoy!  Oh as a bonus, I’ve done the bio as well. 

Here is his bio.

Fulltilt's existence played a major part in Dynazowra's resurrection.  His new vehicle mode is capable of interstellar travel, and in base mode, his atack power is increased sevenfold.  In robot mode he eats Headmasters, that absorbed energy can be used to increase his power.  He crosses the battlefield wishing for revenge against Metroflex.
STR 10
END 10
CRG 10
FPR 10

Japanese scan

And Arrowed versions
Page 1
Start on the right top panel.
Page 2
Page 3
page 4

And un-arrowed versions

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