Sunday 10 September 2017

Trypticon VS Dynazowra!

Or how to shamelessly cross promote nerdy things.

You may have noticed that I am a bit excited about a certain large dinosaur Transformer that has been recently released.  Well in the way the internet works, I entered into a deal, or drunken texting (whatever), idea thing to promote a friend's blog.

Big Angry Trev's Comparison of Trypticon and Dynazowra

He's a bit of a nutter and so has bought both the Hasbro Trypticon as well as TakaraTomy's Dinazaurer (to use TF spelling).  The good news is, since most people see TT as doing different colourations and stuff to Hasbro, he has done a lovely jubbly comparison between the two versions.  I am sure, to many people's delight.

And after reading it, perhaps dismay.


  1. I bought the Legends version of Fort Max for the changes made and I was all ready to jump on this one too...until I saw zero changes. Yup, time to save a bunch of money and look out for the best deal for the Hasbro version.

    1. I guess that is the good thing about this situation, but it kinda sucks if you went to the effort of importing the Legends one. At least you got a comic!


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