Sunday 30 April 2023

Blot of the POTP


Ah Blot the other Terrorcon I owned as a kid. Making the Terrorcons the most complete combiner team in my collection, although I didn't think of it as a collection at the time, more of a well, toybox to be honest.  Although unlike Rippersnapper, I managed to avoid losing any of his accessories. Yay me.

I liked Blot a lot, despite his stubby limited robot mode and baffling monster mode. What was he? A robot gorilla?  That kind of made the most sense to child me, like Rippersnapper being a nutty shark creature with claws and legs, why couldn't Blot be a nutty gorilla creature with claws and burst of flame every time he breathed.  How awesome is that? 

I preferred that theory to one that called him a "nose-monster."

Does POTP manage to give poor Blot, with his low intelligence and low self esteem a little push up the ego meter?

Oh god yes.

Just look at this guy.  WHAT AN UPGRADE!

Gone is the stubby looking fat robot that barely disguised his monster mode with a big head on the chest, stubby robot arms and the ridiculous monster arms off his back.  Now he is sleek, a little buff and very sexy.  Admittedly he still has monster legs hanging off his robot legs, but in the grand scheme of things, he looks much better than he used to.

Of course Transformation is much different, but that's for a bit later.  Right now I want to bring attention to his simple, but beautiful body.

Being a par of the Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors body building team, you'll find the base robot pretty simplistic, after all this guy has a monster, robot, arm and leg mode jammed in there.  What I do like thought is the painted detail on his chest which while not emulating the stickers of yonder G1, does manage to hint at bits here and there.  The Decepticon insignia, while small is very tasteful and colours, while limited are well distributed.  

Also, let's talk about his face.

What a handsome man(and what a dusty boy... Sorry).  It is actually an incredibly good update on his G1 block-head with extra expression.  The red goggles being inspired from the cartoon no doubt, his face gaining some nice silver paint to it, the wonderfully detailed helmet area and the obvious frown that is obvious on his grumpy looking mouth.  It's so good, there is just sooo much character on his face.

I love it.

In case you haven't noticed.

OK, moving away from that ever so sexy face, let's check out his back side.

It's quite different to G1 Blot's back side, in that instead of monster arms hanging off the back, there is a monster HEAD hanging off the back. Eh, beast heads on the back of a Transformer is nothing new.

There are two things I would like to mention.  The first is the pseudo- rub sticker that is there.  Designed to look like the stickers that G1 toys had to show evidence that this robot is a true Transformer!

Considering how the colour is purple, the temperature outside must be about 25 degrees.

The second point I would like to bring up is that you can use the monster mode's weapon mount to hold his blaster.

Very nice, I do like me some robot weapons mounting for storage.  Really while he does have a back pack, it is not too ob/intrusive and doesn't hinder the articulation.  Which is good as the articulation is also good.    If we place the  rather nicely moulded slime gun into Blot's bot  hands, we can see that uh, you have to use the cartridge?  The peg isn't long enough and I guess the magazine/cartridge doesn't really look like a cartridge either, so, yeah.

I do rather like the paint applications on what will become the monster claws.

Honestly, Blot is a lot of fun.

If you so desire, you can even give him his monster claws for the robot mode and there is a port in his b(l)utt that can let you stick a stand in there. Yowsers!



Although not depicted as the larger than normal size Transformers as they can be in various media, he looks decent enough with other robots around him.  Poor guy probably feels inadequate... I'd like to give him a hug, if only he wasn't so stinky and disgusting...

He also comes with, er 


You know the drill by now. Hand/foot/gun/armour thing.  If you flip down a little panel on his chest, you can plug it in.  Take out the purple piece and a head/prime/enigma of combination can go in there

B(l)ut why would you?  Well, it doesn't look as bad as some of the others, but its still ain't the best look for the guy.


Blot's transformation is, er, well all right.  The legs fold back and become a fatt back, the monster  head on the back flips over to the front and you fiddle with the claws and shoulders a bit to get to the monster ogre mode.  Personally I see Blot as a kind of troll of some sort, but ogre's seem to be very diverse in definition so it probably could be.  Also, the design would've come from Japanese wording which would describe him as an oni.  Onis cover such diverse creatures ranging from d(a)emons, devils, to giants, so....  I'll stick with ogre I guess.

I would like to bring up a little detail I think I skipped on the other Terrorcons (and possibly Dinobots).  On the combiner connection joint, there are some cute little gears moulded in.  For Blot and most of the Terrorcons, you wouldn't notice these as you don't need to rotate their heads around, but they are there.  I'll have to check on my Stunticons and Dreadwing brothers when I have them out to see if they have them as well.

Hi mum!

This mode is very SQUAT.

I like it.

The gun can be mounted on the top, just like the G1 toy and I think it's neat how the new head replicates the stickers of the original even better now.  Red nipples and all. 

The arms retain all their robot mode maneuverability and get a bit more, as you have to dislocate them a bit from the main body.  The claws can then be used to pick up any nearby Foot Soldiers for whatever nefarious needs Hun-grrr has at the time.

One thing I kind of like about these guys is that often, the robot head is about where the beast head is.  Cutthroat seems to look out his bird head, Rippersnapper does the cute peeka a boo thing if you like, and Blot here seems to just put his head into a very large mask.  However you can turn the head around and not heave this option if you so desire.  I think the gun mount fits a bit better if you have him looking through the mask though.

No                                          Yes.

You can get it fitting even better, I have since discovered (after taking all the photos....).

I have no knees and I must RAMPAGE

Sadly though while his arms are very awesome, his legs are not so. The have a hinge at the hips and a soft ratched ankle that goes forward and back, mainly for transformation.  It is therefore extremely difficult to get him in some scary rampaging poses.  

He just squats there, looking like a squat Blot bot.  I think this is a shame.

His form is exceptional though, you must admit.

Another shame is that I think I recall seeing him with an articulated mouth somewhere in the creation process.  All the other Terrorcons can open their mouths and scream profanities, Blot cannot.

And of course the thing can be plonked onto him. Yes, that thing.  It looks... er, slightly better? (than the others)

You can move the fingers down his back (oh my) for a slightly smoother look.  The best part about this thing though is you  can successfully arm Blot up with a few extra blam blams!

Now we're talking!  Naturally Blot sits pretty well with his fellow Terrorcons, although I do wonder how Rippersnapper feels about that.

So to clean this post up, I would say this. While Blot doesn't have the same amount of charisma a mad sparrow-hopping-shark-monster does, or the mythical-godliness of an orthus, he does possess a very solid and very nice looking robot mode.

The insanity and general WTFIT nature of his monster mode just adds to his charm.  So despite him having a low impression of himself, he should in fact, be pretty happy.  He has a lot going for for him.  Even if you don't get the entire group of Terrocons, Blot alone is a pretty fun and worthwhile Transformer to have.

Final superfluous rating: 

Blot's insecurities are unfounded as he is a good boi!

HOld tha PHONE

SInce i had this post scheduled to automatically go live, I have been waiting and fiddling with Blot. And to my joy, I discovered something very exciting!  More Monster legs joints.

Yes, my little boi here has the afore mentioned swivel hinges, and I only just discovered an outward swinging hinge!  Now he can sit like a little kid on the mat playing with their toys in that horrifying way that make me wince (I don't think its good for knee development either).  Due to the fact of it not being good for knees, I haven't posed Blot in that way, but now you can enjoy some rampaging purple monster action.

Now, with his soft ratcheted ankles, the swivel and the hinge, Blot's monster mode is very pose-able.

Also, have a look at that inner leg sculpting.

This has elevated Blot's final superfluous rating!

Blot's insecurities are unfounded as he is a VERY good boi!

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