Sunday 30 July 2023

Adventures in Sonic Unleashed Part 3 of?... Probably 3.

 So, the last Gaming diary post I did was actually one on Warhammer 40K; Space Marine.

I've given Sonic Unleashed a crack between now and then, but I feel that I am at the point where I am just not feeling it.

Why?  Well the bad parts of the levels seem to outweigh the bad parts aaaannnnd the piss-farting around in the hub world to get to the levels is kind of annoying.

YES, it could add to the world building and make the story better.

YES, it probably makes some kind of logical sense and links the levels together.


I juts don't care enough.  I took a break and can't remember what I am supposed to be doing, or where to go, and after spending probably a good 20 minutes slogging through some not too bad, but definitely should be shorter than it was Werehog level, I am feeling that I have run out of good natured Sonic love for this game.

Like seriously, I believe the last level I completed was long and had this annoying platforming section, which if you fell from equaled insta-death. The level in general was too long to get to that section, and that section was definitely too long to be enjoyable.

Like the Bay Transformers movies, sometimes people need to know that less is indeed more.

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