Thursday 20 July 2023

WaaaAAAaaargh! Space Marine! Part 2 of 2

 Well, whaddya know.

After posting this post, I sat down and managed to knock the game off.  I did have some trouble with the final boss fight.  Really there are only two boss fights in the whole game.  Both times has you facing off against hordes of plebs rather than the boss.  

Er, mostly.  The leader of the orks does come down and prove to be a bit of pain.  But oddly the very final boss fight ends up being quick time events.

You pound his plebs (by far and away the most annoying part) and then push him off the edge of the building and proceed to repeatedly punch him in the face.  Eventually you crush his noggin making his head pop, however I got the distinct feeling he wasn't dead, and will show up again somewhere.

I ended up starting the final chapter again, as I found the plebs a bit too bullet spongey to be enjoyable and dropped the difficulty down a notch.  Which was the right choice as the chapter starts with you walking up to the final fight.  It made me think, maybe I would've enjoyed the game on the easier setting the whole way actually... Anyway.  There were some heavy melee space marine guys coming at me and I had to shot gun blast them about 4 times before they would pass on their mortal coil.  Considering how the shotgun one shots most enemies kinda shows how tough these asshats are.

Anyway, once again, I was getting tired of the whole meet the plebs and die thing, so I loaded up my ten shots of shotgun, made a note of where to get ammo replenished and proceeded to force enemies to gather together, so as to make each blast really count.  It worked pretty well and before I knew it, I was punching big demon space marine dude in the face.  That was easy enough and the game ending played.

Strangely, a less than enthusiastic ending occurs, what with your man, Titus, hero, champion. who just saved the planet (possibly the galaxy) being taken by the inquisition as your dick underling, is all by the books and had to report you for some links to chaos or something.

The good news is though as the dick underling manages to consistently be a dick by the book kinda twat throughout the game, so it doesn't come as a big surprise.

So in the end, the game wasn't terribly bad I guess, despite its struggle with the pacing; there was a LOT of walking in between sections, which I am fine with, but if you notice the walking, then something ain't working properly.

So, how was it?

I would recommend playing it on lower difficulty as the amount of ammo the Evil Marines take before they go down really drags the pacing somewhat.  The sections with the jumppack are incredibly fun though, and I kinda wish it had one or two more in there.  Also, the game could do with less brown and a bit more difference in the level themes.  Destroyed city can only take you so far...

There is a sequel in the works for the PS5, which looks promising.  Maybe one day I'll get a PS5 (Probably when the PS6 is just around the corner).

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