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"Where does he get such wonderful toys?"  I hear you ask.  Well, here is my recommended sellers page of the sources that I use and think are reliable with good customer service.

Japanese Items sellers:

My main site and probably favourite is  Amiami.  Recently they made an English website and even more recently they upgraded it and improved it.  They now have a great little ordering system where you can easily combine orders into monthly deliveries, and see what you ordered.  They are quick to answer queries and happy to help when problems arise.  Price wise they are very cheap, often being about 15% cheaper than most other retailers due to them offering a usual 15% discount. 

About the only downer is their pre-oders have a tendency to sell out extremely fast if it is a popular item.

Next up is the good old faithful Hobby Link Japan.  I have used these guys for years.  They have been established for a loooong time and have good stock levels.  Prices are about the same as Japanese retail and they often have EMS postage discounts and good discounts on excess stock.  The staff are very good and friendly, even to the point where they got in some stock they wouldn't normally get after I emailed them asking to get some

About the only negative is the site navigation, recently they 'upgraded' the search engine on the site.  It has many many filters but for some reason, it is remarkably hard to cut out excess items.  A search for Transformers for example ends up with a LOT of Gundam in there for some reason.

Hobbysearch have proven themselves a reliable back up, although the ordering system seems a tad cumbersome.

For the toys not from Japan, I tend to use Big Bad Toy Store, mainly because they seem to be the most known store that has a wide selection of not only Transformers, but other figures ( Sonic, etc).  They do have a tendency to scalp a bit on prices, especially if they know a certain figure is packed less in a carton.  Recently they have also made it a habit of selling lines in carton amounts, meaning I have to buy a whole case to get certain characters.  That's just annoying.

I prefer eBay for those things a lot of the time.

As a generally last resort, I do occasionally opt for Robotkingdom  But Only as a last resort or if they have managed to bag some exclusive.  I have found the service to be somewhat scattered.  I had to remind them about a pre-order that I had, and have been involved in big buys with others and they have managed to mess up the order, then have the nerve to charge us for postage to return the item they sent in error.  That's just bad form.

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