Who is this "Tets" guy?

I'm a mid thirties Manchild who grew up on a steady supply of translated anime and 8and 16 bit Gaming.  Brilliant shows such as Starblazers, Astroboy, Cities of Gold and Monkey Magic gave me a love for adventure, robots, big things and mega weapons of ultimate destruction!  These all manifested for a love of Transformers as they usually combined all aspects into one entity

Being a long time gamer, starting with my Dad's Commodore 64 and progressing through to most SEGA consoles I am obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, which then led to my love for Japan and it's culture.  My favourite console of all time is the SEGA Saturn, which had some brilliant titles that were often exclusive, usually to Japan and while it did fairly well in Japan it saddened me to see it crushed by the relentless juggernaut of Sony's advertising campaign and total lack of support from Ozisoft.  Who incidentally let the Dreamcast die without so much as a whimper over here as well.

This blog is primarily an output for my toy photography.

Follow me on twitter  and  instagram which I use for messing about shots.  If you really want to ge creepy and  do some crazy stalking and what-not, your best bet would be my Instagram account.  I am also on  GooglePlus as well.

Feel the need to contact me?  tetstoys @ gmail.com is the way to go.

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