Wednesday, 27 October 2010

25th Anniversary Super Mario Pack, in my hands!

The Super Mario 25th Anniversary special pack arrived today.  A nice version of Super Mario Allstars for my Wii.  It comes with a 'history book' and cd and of course the game.  Quite nice presentation and cheap too!

The usual Wii game cases some in a nice outer carboard box to sexify it up a little, it is embossed and makes a nice bit of eye candy that is simple and respectful.  Yes, cases, the game disc in one and the CD soundtrack in another.

The golden one has the games and the other the CD.  Standard Wii cases and nice pictures, although Mario reminds me of the Monopoly guy since he has the top hat on and is gold.

The inside has the instructions and the Mario History book that goes into a little detail (not a heap though) about the previous games. It goes up to Galaxy 2, but doesn't cover spin-off games, I'm looking at you Dr. Mario... or Gameboy ones either, yet it has New Super Mario Bros on the DS there...

The book is actually pretty sturdy.  Not the old magazine style with a staple in it, it is properly bound and has a nice spine and is pretty stiff.  the instructions for the game (not pictured) are bog standard wii instructions so far as I have seen.  Some extra pictures to snazz it up a little, but that's about it really.

Worth buying?  Well the games are all from the SNES era and can be emulated well enough, so the games don't really make the selling point, plus I wouldn't be surprised if they are on the Wii-shop anyway.  I know the NES versions are definitely on there.    The book isn't anything to really write home about, but a nice touch.  Luckily I got this for about 3000 yen, which makes it a worthwhile purchase, just due to it being an anniversary set.  If these sold out from primary sellers and went on ebay for big $$, I don't think it would be worth the effort or money for what you get.

I am not sure if this version is coming out in places other than Japan and therefore I am unsure as to whether it will have the book and stuff, or just be the game.  Hence my importation.

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