Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Slight bit of buyer's remorse.....

Sonic Adventure is available on the PSN, as a bonus you can get an add on for the 'Directors cut' version.  I did and now I have a little bit of buyer's remorse...

On the awesome SEGA machine that is the Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure was the most awesome game!  I remember being so excited about this game, I asked a friend in Japan to buy me a just release DC and S.A and post it over.  I didn't have a memory card, so  I had to start from scratch every time.  I didn't care as it was just the most amazing game I had ever seen.  I had a friend come over when I got it and say it was the bets graphics he ahd ever seen!  Woooo!

After getting the PAL version and then watching the demise of the DC, I notice this little fella pop up. 

AS far as I know, it only came out on the Gamecube and there was a P.C/Windows version.  The DC has a windows based system on it anyway, making for easy conversion.  The Director's cut thing had me intrigued and I always wanted  to give it a go, so imagine my joy when I read that the PSN version can be made the directors cut (DX) for all to enjoy! 

There's more, I read that with the DX version, one could play as Metal Sonic!  SOLD!  He made a cameo in SA in the Amy story as a flashback and there was another one sitting in Eggman's lab, but you never got to play with him.

Now you can.

There is a catch though.  I soon discovered the double edged sword.  When playing the game, I noticed a lack of Metal.  'Maybe you have to finish the game with all characters' I thought to myself.. So being impatient, I had a look on the web for some info.


Metal is only available once you have all 130 emblems.

Emblems are rewards you get for finishing 'missions' in levels. Some examples, beat the clock, finish with more than 50 rings, etc etc.  A good way to extend gameplay and a it of a precursor to the old achievement/trophy idea that is so popular today. 


I have SA at least twice, if not three times.  Original Japanese SA, SA International (PAL version converted for Japan, it had some bugs taken out and choice of voices) and normal PAL release of SA.  Each time, I made a hearty attempt on those damn emblems.  I also know that some of the later ones are ridiculously hard to get. I can't finish the last level in under 2 minutes!  It takes me that long to get the bugger running!

So the main reason why I bought the game (Metal) is unattainable for me as I lack the inclination to put up with the still buggy camera and lame 'missions' for a fourth time.

Maybe someone will upload a complete files sometime.....

On a separate note though, it was interesting to finally see the DX version.  I did notice a few differences in the game, one point Cream flew over the city, which definitely wasn't in the first one.  Sonic has been given individual fingers on his hands, as have most of the characters.  Sonic used to have textured hair, but now it appears that they have just smoothed them all out.  His shoes are rounder on the toes as well. Seriously.

Oddly enough, some of the textures look LESS distinct.

Sonic has Fingers now!

Windy Valley, I loved this level!!!!!

I remember an interview Yuji Naka gave Sega Saturn Magazine and he said that Sonic Team travelled all over the place for ideas for SA.  He mentioned the texture effect and on the DC, I particularly enjoyed the wood textures on the steps to the train in the Mystic ruin hub section.  They were clear and looked great, with lots of detail.  Today when I had a look, they looked a little blurry and indistinct and less defined.  Strange.

A lot of the bugs are still there, the camera is a crazy thing ( I seem to know when it goes nuts and have adapted, sad isn't it?) and it still does it here.  the controls feel a little looser as well, although it might just be because I am used the playing this on the DC controller, I found Sonic weaving all over the place.

Still I must day I am still enjoying it.  Not terribly happy about the Metal Sonic side of things and had I researched before purchase, I would have not bought it.  I think I have enough copies of SA.

Here's hoping that there is a save to be downloaded from somewhere...

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