Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Why so expensive? Breakfast cereal...

I like breakfast cereal, which is a shame because the shops, despite having a whole aisle dedicated to it the range is fairly poor.  Sure there is a lot of brands of cereal, but they ll make the same type.  As a result whenever a new cereal comes to town I get all excited.

Enter Sultana Bran Buds
High in fibre, biiiig box and good for you I guess.  Hopefully low in sugar too.  I like sultana bran. Its simple and usually tasty and not bad in value for money stakes.

So we bought this box of Joy $4.00.  Not bad I says to myself.  It feels pretty light and the buds are puffs of bran with sultana splats in them.  I wouldn't say a whole sultana, but its tastes natural enough and looks the part.

Turns out this little fella is on sale, for half price because its a new item.  Soooooo, $8.00 for a 600gram box.  Bloody hell.  Maybe after its in the bowl, it will prove it's worth. 

Hmm, no.  Fill up the bowl and you end up mostly eating air.  To not feel hungry anymore I had to have two bowls and even then I think the milk was what filled me up..  In my books that is classed as a bit of a fail. 

Turns out that this cereal actually makes quite a nice nibbley snack. Yeah, you heard me, bad as a cereal, but nice as a snack.  Feel like having some potato crisps?  Well, i recommend having a go at these if you have them.  Yep, just nibble them straight from the box, dry and good.  Much better option than actually using this as a cereal. 

Brekky cereal fail, nibbley snack winner!
Funny old world isn't it?

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