Monday, 20 September 2010

Playstation Network Shopping across the continents.

Ye olde Playstation Network (PSN) allows one to download and buy some classic and not-so-classic Playstation 1 games.  Sadly though, Japan, North America and Australia and U.K (who share the same store) are all host different games.

Best Castlevania Evaaaaah!

Luckily though the PS3 allows for multiple users on it.  So I set up a US and Japanese account as well as one for Australia.  Free downloads are fine, but using a credit card is difficult as it consults the address.  One PSN card bought off of ebay and I am away with $20 worth of credit.  'Why?' I hear you ask, well, for none other than platforming awesomeness Castlevania Symphony of the Night and the brilliant RPG known as Grandia. 

Neither of these games are available on the Aus PSN which is a real shame.  In fact, a lot of games that are on the US PSN are absent form the Aus one.  Hence my going to extremes.  Still, for the princely sum of about $30 Aus bucks, and I still have $6.00 credit to play with.  I feel totally justified in my efforts.

Grandia on my Ps3. Surely one of the greatest JRPGs of all time.  Even better tha FFVII in my opinion!
My only concern was that the games might not work on a PAL playstation as they are going to be the NTSC versions.  When I ahve tried NTSC discs in the PS3, they don't work.  Good news though, the downloaded versions work a treat!  Huzzah! 

Great platforming to lovely orchestral music and a very cool and massive RPG await me.  Best of all, I can transfer it to my PSP, and then copy my saves across the PS3 and PSP to continue my gaming on the go! 

If you can fudge a US address and are chasing after some games on their store, I highly recommend getting a PSN card and doing this.  Especially as there are many many games available on the old US of A that aren't available in Australia.

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