Monday, 20 September 2010

Cool gaming Moments... Gunstar Heroes

Aah, Treasure, how I love your ways.  by far and away one of the best games ever made.  Treasure, the makers of this game and a couple of other faves of mine did really well.  The first time I booted up this game (back in the 90's) I was blown away by the fun, two player and flow of the game.  That's why it is in my great gaming moments!

Gunstar Heroes is concerned with the plight of Gunstar red and Gunstar Blue (that be player 1 and 2 respectively) as they battle to get some jewels from the evil bad guy who wants to resurrect an evil god.  Plot doesn't really matter all that much, yet it is covered fairly well through text and animated sequences to get you through the game.
Fling belly flop.   No relex time int this game, waves of enemies just keep coming!

And what a game it is.  Awesome shooting action through the scrolling levels.  Simultaneous two player action, and believe me you will want a friend along on this one!  Never ending waves of nasties to get in your way.  It is primarily a side scrolling shooter, but since you are constantly accosted by nasties, you have the option of a bit of biffo.  Each character can do a sliding tackle, a shoulder charge as well as flying kicks and belly flops for when the action get too close for the gun.  Oh and the throw.  Mustn't forget the throw, as you will use it a lot.  Throwing enemies at other enemies, catching bombs and throwing them back at the thrower and even throwing some massive machines in certain levels, assuming you can get high enough...  Interestingly enough, this hand to hand combat is refined and added to another Treasure game later on.  the cool Silhouette Mirage is another shooter that gives you the option for hand to hand, but its is needed in SM for different reasons.  SM is going to be another GGM, so I will write about that one later!

Toriyaa!  Bad-guys gettin' too close?  Grab 'em and chuck 'em at their friends!

One particular thing I really like about this game is that you can select the level you would like to tackle first.  Once you have completed the first four levels, then it's off to space for a slightly different take.  you control a space ship.  If playing 2 player, one moves the ship and the other aims the little satellite gun.  Very cleverly done and encourages team work like many two player games don't.  Especially if we compare back to games in the 90's.  The final boss as well was not only a consistent challenge, but with all the funky graphics going on was a wonder to look at and behold.
Level Select.  Once all are done, it's off to space!!

All of these things add up to an awesome game of coll blammo and biffo action.  The inclusion of two players and varied levels make this game by far one of the best of the era and I will admit that I forked out some cash so I could play it on my PS3. Its that good.  Brilliant!  That's why its one of my great gaming moments.  Although a very long moment!

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