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Revoltech Buzz and Woody!!!

Woody is especially suited to the Revoltech treatment. Just like Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, his long lanky limbs bode well for the toy. How can you have Woody, with no Buzz? So I have them both as I am a big fan of the movies.  (I have also newly acquired Chogokin Buzz figure as well)

They come in a nice book style box where the front cover can be flipped open so you can view the sealed toy. I am impressed by Kaiyodo's thoughts of putting protection around the twist ties to save the paint from being scratched in the box.

There appears to be some connection to  the Kitahara toy museum as it has a little cut away doohicky on the front.  Does Kitahara like Revoltech?  Dunoo, when I was last at the Hakone Toy Museum, (well worth the trip), revoltechs weren't around as yet...

As a bonus I got a couple of uchiwas, which are small hand held fans.  These ones have some promotional shots of Buzz and Woody.  They have some 3-d effects on them and aren't all that fantastic, but they are quite nice for a freebie.

First, Woody.
There is a nice bit of blurb about Woody and Toy Story.

Woody has excellent proportions. They all look in scale with what they should be, that is sort of long and lanky. His boots are nice and smooth and as a nice touch, he has 'Andy' written on his foot in the same style font as the movie. His jeans have a cool rough texture to them that really manages to pull off a denim feel and his checked shirt and waist coat all look fantastic! His scarf around his neck can be moved and taken off. I am impressed by it as it has small white patterns painted on it. Not only is the toy good, they have done exceptionally well with the paint applications. He even has a pull ring on his back! The only real down side on mine appears to be the belt, the edges are a bit dodgily painted on the back, but it is only one section, so that isn't too bad I guess.

First attempt at standing by himself and it worked well. I thought the lanky limbs would work against him, but this appears to not be the case. I have just discovered there is no stand for this guy in his case. Also no plug for using other stands in his back and no holes in his feet, yet he comes with a name plate. He does come with a Lenny (the wind up binoculars) accessory, as well as a hand for Buzz to hold Lenny with, a microphone for taking those toy meetings and some spare hands of different poses and a face with a big smile, which can be made to look REALLY creepy and of course his cowboy hat that fits really well onto his head. Impressive! He has a holster moulded onto the belt, but it isn't deep and can't have anything put into it. Not even a match. But that's ok, as the jewel on the the side of it has some good red paint and a gold painted outline.

One of the big gimmicks of these two toys are the eyes. They can be swivelled around to look all over the place. Be careful though, as they are separate and it looks strange when they are off in different directions.
The little tool for moving the eyes about.
The end result...  be nice to the kids Woody.

Articulation is good as he is held together with Revoltech joints that can be pulled apart if need be. Ankles, Knees, hips, waist, shoulder, elbows, wrists, neck and base of skull all feature joints. I like the moulding, he has some good work done on his boots, with a cactus and laces and the cow face on his belt buckle and the 'Sherriff' written on his badge are all clearly noticeable.

Posing can be tricky as he is tall making the centre of balance high and therefore making him a tad unstable, but it is Woody and looks really really nice.  The face is well done and captures the looks well, including the swirl of hair on his head.  the paint colours are spot on, even the hair seems to be the exact same shade of brown. Fantastic!
Woody's had a few too many at Maccadams Old Oil House.
Don't go scaring the kids Woody.

All the accessories look good and are well painted and the whole toy works well together. Just be advised though, the usual problem of spinning the joint around occurs with this toy. You may need to take the appendage off and carefully twists the revolver joint around. Some of the joints are small and can be split open of not careful.

Onto Buzz Lightyear.

I have always been a fan of Buzz, probably more so than Woody. I got an electronic Buzz toy from the first movie all those years ago and it comes even with the glow in the dark paint, which I think gets forgotten about quite a bit now, which is a shame really, as it I really cool. Anyhow, so here we have this Buzz. He looks good in the box, and you can see the additional wings, 3 Army men and extra face. Buzz comes with fewer accessories than Woody. No extra hands.

He is quite a bit heftier than Woody and has some nice big revolver joints, which I expected since the design of the character naturally lends to this style. The smooth shiny plastic is the way a Buzz toy should be and I am surprised to find that he has a ball jointed thumb and a joint at the base of his fingers. So we have revolver joints at his ankles, knee, in his torso which allows for waist twisting, wrists, elbows and shoulders. There could be one at his neck, but it is tricky to get his head off due to the helmet  the helmet does lide open and closed. Since I don't want to force it all that much and I think his faces can be swapped regardless, I am not going to pull too hard to find out. Just discovered he does have a revolver joint in the neck. The helmet comes off, which is a relief as the joint in mine needs to be straightened a little bit. It was really annoying me too!

I have to admit I am impressed with the paint on him. All the detail that should be there is there, from the purple on the tips of his fingers, to the Space ranger logo, to warning signs on his jet-pack! Very nice indeed. Even all his buttons for the 'sounds' look great!
How the arm can reach across, the long black bit swings into the waist.
Pew Pew pew!

The shoulder joins are interesting, there is a revolver joint there, but there is also a part that swings out of his chest, allowing him to reach across to the other side. This must be so he can be posed with his hand on the laser switch button. It is quite cool. One thing that I find a bit annoying is his shoulders, the joint is actually inside a sort of cover, but Buzz's shoulder is looks just like a revolver joint anyway. I can only assume that this set up is due to the size of the shoulder, they would have to create a larger revolver joint for it to work that way. His helmet can be closed over his head or open and the balance is quite good.
Fake wings, the 'u' one is folded wings.
To Infinity, and Beyond!

His Jet-pack is interesting, there is a faux piece that makes it look like his wings are folded away, if you want the wings out, you take this piece out and plug the wings in. This is where a stand for Buzz would've been very cool. His wings though are cool. On the end it has a red and green bit to emulate the lights in wings for starboard and the other one (which slips my mind right now). His faces aren't all that different, he has a happy face and an action face. Rotating eyeballs, but no tool for moving them because they are easy to get to. The Army men are really well moulded and look just like the ones in the film,with a bazooka man, machine gun man and the 'Sarge with his binoculars.

Lenny comes with Woody, as does the hand for Buzz.  The Army men are Buzz's minions!
The Whole gang.
Overall both of these figures are very nice indeed. They are awesome representations of Buzz and Woody and the joints fit the figures well, allowing for the possibility of cool posing. Although a tad smaller than an average Revoltech figure, they fit the bill nicely and I will say that I am not disappointed with either of them. My only real whinge would probably be the price, I think the retail for the price of a normal Revoltech, but have a lot less accessories. This probably puts them in the same league as most Figma figures though and they would have licensing fees on top of that for character usage well I guess, so it's a fair trade.

If you like Toy Story, I would recommend them as some of the best toys of the characters, especially better than the main stream ones that came out and really not all that much more expensive as they were extremely overpriced. If you like Revoltechs I recommend them, but not as much and if you like Toy Story and Revoltech, then I highly recommend them!

On with the rest of my pics!

Check out the texture, great emulation of denim!
Check the cactus details and the laces on the front of the boots!

Hi! Cool hand details and check out the paint on his scarf!

Nice detail on the holster and the badge, buttons and waist coat!
Woody has Andy's name written on his foot.  Note the beackwards 'n'.  Buzz has Andy's name written properly, as Andy is older when Buzz shows up!
Woody and Buzz have name plates, but no stands.  The hand is the one for Buzz to hold Lenny.  Buzz's revolver joints are bigger than Woody, so the hand doesn't fit right.
Cool details on Woody's hat!

Buzz pictures time!

Face palm...

Size Comparison with Nicholas D Wolfwood, a normal sized Revoltech character.


  1. Would it be possible to give me the website where you got Buzz and Woody from? I'm very interested in purchasing them!

    1. Well, I did buy them a few years ago now, but it appears that Hobbylink Japan still have Buzz here and Woody is due for a January restock.


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